WavesInfluencerInfluencer’s end-to-end influencer marketing platform offers brands and agencies full data transparency around their influencer marketing campaigns, achieved through real-time campaign data and insights, dynamic creator tracking, approval functionality, and proof of success.

Influencer aims to “make waves” and explains: “it’s an idea seeded in the fact that our creators tell stories that build human connections, which set off waves of influence. These waves of influence become our data layers, from which we measure the impact. Our clients and creators make waves, we measure the impact.”

In a nutshell, Waves brings data and intelligence together to demonstrate ROI, and offers customers three key functionalities:

1. PLAN: a seamless creator approval process based on achieving clients' key success metrics, as well as creators' historic campaign performance and previous content.

2. ACTIVATE: influencer’s content approval process has been developed to ensure the maximum in brand safety. Content goes through a rigorous, multiple step vetting process, with final sign off from key stakeholders.

3. MEASURE: dashboards provide a 360 understanding of the content that is being produced and shared, while dynamic creator tracking shows how each individual creator is performing, including real-time metrics such as reach, video views, engagement, and impact rate, providing brands and agencies with a full understanding of the campaign value.

Influencer builds meaningful relationships between brands and creators, considering its action as intersection between extraordinary creativity and exceptional technology. “We make waves, and we measure the impact, translating top level media strategies into award winning influencer campaigns that align with key brand KPIs.” In other words, the company pairs innovative creative strategies and data insights to guarantee a lasting impact.

By MediaBUZZ