16 - 17

The year 2021 pandemic is a wake-up call for procurement and supply chain professionals to transform and meet the 21st century's challenges.

Procurement leaders must begin implementing strategies and processes that address long-term change and that help businesses successfully adapt to this 'new' normal.

Introducing a flagship event hosted yearly by 3novex Asia, the 4th Annual Procurement Leaders Summit 2021 which will be held on 16th & 17th November 2021 via Hopin platform. This once a year opportunity brings together over 200+ procurement professionals across Malaysia and other Asian countries to connect and network virtually with 30+ exciting speakers both locally and internationally with interesting case studies, keynote presentations, demonstration by technology providers and interactive panel discussions to put forward the most significant challenge procurement professionals facing today.

Event website: https://3novex.com/4th-annual-procurement-leaders-summit-asia-2021-virtual/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3novex-asia/mycompany/
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24 - 25

UNICOM is organising World Conference Next Gen Testing 2021, 24-25 November, Online, an epic gathering of experts world-wide focused for the audience in South-East Asia & India Time Zones.

Conference focus:

World Conference Next Generation Testing 2021(WCNGT) is designed with focus on Technical Sessions featuring over 15+ Presentations exploring the depth and breadth of Software Testing. WCNGT is the leading conference for everyone willing to learn testing trends, best practices and make their contribution to the effortless software development cycle and quality.

The event provides an excellent platform to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends, exchange experiences, discuss and deliberate ideas.

This is a highly interactive online conference with sharing of practical experiences and knowledge-sharing presentations as well as extended panel sessions for sharing insights and industry trends with you putting your questions directly. There is an exhibition alongside featuring leading service providers, consultants and vendors from areas on Software Testing, Automation, Quality Assurance and various other aspects of Software Testing.

Through these two days, we are aiming to include high quality technical/review presentations from thought leaders as well as case studies from practitioners and solution providers.

We will also feature extended knowledge-sharing discussions in live Q&A rounds and Panel Discussion for sharing insights and industry trends.

Event website: https://www.unicomlearning.com/2021/WCNGT-2021/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unicom-training-and-seminars/
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