AnnouncementsAqillizLayerFiveAqilliz, the first of its kind technological infrastructure that strives to create a privacy-compliant audience marketplace, has announced a strategic partnership with LayerFive, a leading unified consumer data and privacy management Software as a Service (Saas) platform.

By working together, both Aqilliz and LayerFive’s global clientele will benefit from unifying consumer data and greater privacy compliance across all their audience targeting and campaign efforts. Ethical use of consumer data for activation is at the heart of what Aqilliz strives to offer. This partnership ensures that all marketing insights and consumer data is sourced, secured and activated according to relevant data protection frameworks.

The partnership will enable Aqilliz to access LayerFive’s proprietary Unified Consumer Data Platform to leverage their 360° Marketing Insights with Omni Channel Attribution, and their Interactive Privacy Portal, for its enterprise clients, bolstering the company’s suite of privacy-compliant marketing technology tools. With LayerFive’s presence in the US market, Aqilliz will also benefit from increased market exposure to potential domestic clients. In return, LayerFive will allow its clients to benefit from Aqilliz’s holistic suite of blockchain-based marketing technology, spanning across identity resolution, programmatic campaign optimisation, and dynamic rewards settlement.

LayerFive’s suite of products allows for the end-to-end implementation of privacy-oriented tools at every stage of the customer journey, including:

  • Unified Consumer Data platform consolidates all of the enterprise consumer data to generate a holistic consent-based private consumer identity graph. With a unified consumer profile, brands benefit from improved marketing ROI and deeper consumer buyer’s journey analytics.

  • 360° Marketing Insights with Omni-Channel Attribution provides a consolidated view of the complete customer buying experience, combines ad results data, and provides an attributed view of ad spend performance.

  • Interactive Privacy Portal allows consumers to access and update their data any time, enabling them to opt-in and out of marketing messages and request deletion of their personal information. Leveraging the Portal, brands can easily comply with data privacy regulations.

AnnouncementsSQREEMGammaSingapore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Company, SQREEM Technologies, will be acquiring programmatic advertising solutions platform Gamma SSP in a move that expands and augments their offerings in Southeast Asia.

The agreement will see Gamma become a fully-owned subsidiary of SQREEM in the short term, with the SSP eventually merging into SQREEM’s tech stack to unlock 97% of the world’s programmatic inventory and eventually expanding the offering to include digital out of home and connected TV – forming a complete dynamic digital ecosystem.

The acquisition will enable a massive global supply integration for SQREEM by combining its proprietary AI technology with Gamma’s integrations in the region and globally to bolster behavioral targeting solutions, at a landing page level, to brands and media agencies.

Gamma will continue to be led by its Managing Director, Matt Robinson, and the current management team. The combined entity plans to expand its headcount and geographical footprint by as much as 25% over the next year.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, Gamma was the first Supply Side Platform (SSP) focused on representing Southeast Asian publishers, covering the key markets across the region. The company helps advertisers programmatically target audiences across an ecosystem of more than 1700 publishers, including all of the major premium publishers in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Gamma also has the ability to support Connected TV ad spots and will be adding DOOH in the next 6 months.

AnnouncementsADAADA launches the region's first integrated eCommerce practice through a merger with Awake Asia, a regional eCommerce enabler operating in 6 countries in Southeast Asia. Simon Paterson will be leading the division, the former CEO of Awake Asia, who joins ADA as Chief of eCommerce Enablement.

The exercise fully integrates Awake Asia's operations under the ADA brand, that started 1st of June 2021, where both parties come together to champion and fulfil the needs of brands moving towards online channels across 10 markets in South and Southeast Asia - Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, South Korea, and Vietnam.

The integrated eCommerce practice brings together Awake Asia's deep eCommerce expertise with ADA's media, creative, and analytics solutions to drive online sales for brands through:

  • Digital marketing deeply linked to eCommerce revenue generation: Digital media execution integrated with eCommerce operations; customer-centric strategies and activations; performance linking external media spend to online sales.

  • Consumer data and analytics leveraged to uplift eCommerce sales: Utilise client's customer data and third-party data sets to derive shopper insights, personalize content and to cross and upsell via eCommerce channels.

  • Reaching vast audiences in super apps and marketplaces: Optimize customer touchpoints across super apps and owned apps and websites; deploy Marketing Technology solutions like customer data platforms (CDP); attribution tools to track and optimise conversion funnel.

The merger opens a new market for ADA in Vietnam with over 150 eCommerce specialists currently serving more than 120 brands.