MultiplatformSocialMediaParticularly during the Covid pandemic, more and more people discovered communication in social media for themselves. Be it Generation Z, who during the lockdown could only become a creator on TikTok using a mobile phone, or the Baby Boomers, who now increasingly go shopping on the Internet and enjoy the security of their home laptop or PC. Hence, it is more important than ever to position yourself broadly and to consider what content you want to create yourself instead of looking at where the target group is.

The golden days of the social media giant, Facebook, seem to be over, although 2.7 billion people are registered on the platform and 1.56 billion people use Facebook every day. Well, it could come to life again in 2021, as Facebook is currently trying to revive itself with new features, such as linking Messenger with the extremely popular Instagram app.

Don’t depreciate Facebook yet

We must keep in mind that although LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok have been more in the limelight recently, the Facebook account has not been deleted as a result. Many continued to resort to the daily routine of scrolling through the feed in the morning, leaving a few comments and using the features that had been around for years. The access numbers also show that the platform has seen an increase since the beginning of the corona pandemic. The networking with Instagram, as well as features such as the "Call to Action" button on the own fan page through which bookings take place, the calendar function for upcoming events and the new design, which was rolled out in 2020 towards a clearer feed, continue to make the platform relevant. Facebook should be viewed as a kind of foundation in any social media strategy, even if a company page is just a kind of business card.

Consider Instagram the linchpin of social networks

The app, which had a real exchange of blows with TikTok in 2020, continues to dominate. The fact is, no matter which platform an influencer grows up with, in the end he/she would like to have subscribers on Instagram: it is made up of a mixture of videos and images; the Reel Bar for short, crisp impressions; the story function that offers authentic insights into everyday life; and the possibility of direct communication with the community via question stickers as well as the ‘live’ function. Nowhere is there a better way to build and strengthen a community than on Instagram. The only downside seems to be the restrictions, which are still untransparent despite the new terms of use: many influencers complain about the lack of organic coverage. There is no clear statement as to whether and why a profile was restricted.

TikTok's hype is fading...

No app got more attention last year than TikTok. All records were broken in the app store, and it seemed as if TikTok would even overtake Instagram for a short while, had it not been for the "clone" in the form of Reels and the data protection scandal. Both were successfully mastered, although the hype flattened a bit. TikTok established itself as a short clip content app that delivers quick, short impressions, besides being extremely experimental. But first and foremost, the app is supposed to be fun and that's very pleasant compared to many other platforms where you must follow a certain strategy to stay relevant.

LinkedIn becomes Facebook 2.0

LinkedIn, the platform that has long been considered a pure career and business platform, is getting character by becoming more authentic and personal. Many even refer to it as Facebook 2.0 in memory of a time when there were no alternatives. Especially as a secondary channel, you can share insights here and go to the meta level, expand your network, and make new contacts. Here the creator is above all the entrepreneur behind it, and this is how communication takes place. The LinkedIn Live function is currently still an "invite only" program for which you have to apply, but whoever is accepted there can stand out from the crowd. Next to TikTok, LinkedIn has the highest organic reach.

In addition to these outstanding platforms, everybody is currently looking forward to Twitter and Clubhouse: with the introduction of the Fleets, Twitter created an Instagram story clone. The brand-new social network Clubhouse mainly picks up podcasters and voice fans. Discussions can take place here without a picture in special rooms. At the moment, the app is "invite only" and whoever is in it can send two more invitations and what comes next, we will see.

By MediaBUZZ