Opera showcased its first ever concept browser, codenamed Opera Neon, built from the same browser engine as the Opera browser, but designed to allow users to focus on the most important part of the internet -  the CONTENT – and making web browsing more visual and intuitive.

The experimental browser provides users with fun ways to interact with web content, including e.g. the ability to drag and push things around or being able to make content pop out of the web to save it. In fact, a completely new user interface debuts in Opera Neon, which includes:

  • New start page using users’ current desktop background image.
  • A left sidebar with video player, image gallery and download manager.
  • A new visual tab bar on the right side of the browser window that makes it easier to distinguish between tabs.

The goal is to make surfing the web excitingly easy, especially since the inception of the Internet twenty years ago, it has become an essential part of our lives. Every day, billions of people access it using their favorite web browsers, but since the internet keeps constantly changing, the browsers must keep up, too.  That’s why in the past year, Opera has stepped up the game for browsers, introducing novel features such as free VPN and native ad-blocking. The company has realized, however, that it’s now time for someone to properly challenge the entire browser industry.

“Web browsers of today are basically from the last millennium, a time when the web was full of documents and pages,” says Krystian Kolondra, Head of Opera browser. “With the Opera Neon project, we want to show people our vision for the future of the web.

His team plans to incorporate some of the best features of the concept browser into Opera as early as spring 2017 to show what the future has in store for the browser industry.

You can download it for free on Opera’s website!

By MediaBUZZ