1trendsThis year, you will have to deal with a growing number of touchpoints and technological innovations in order to be able to enter into a real dialogue with the customer and to provide an optimal and above all sustainable customer experience. Hence, you should consider redefining your role in the company to keep up with today’s fast-paced digital age.

The fact is that only those who are willing to change can stay future-oriented, which is why you should keep the following current trends in mind:

  • Technology: Digitalization is both a challenge and a solution for marketing. Despite the constant drastic changes in our industry, technological progress is also a great support for new marketing tasks. Technology gives the marketer scope for creativity, strategy and design, besides standardizing or automating the underlying processes, and making data and content available to all parties at central locations. This ensures greater efficiency and transparency in marketing.

  • Touchpoint explosion: Not only does digitization lead to an ever-growing number of touchpoints, where potential customers get in contact with your company, but it causes content to become obsolete as quickly as products, too. Not to mention that the expectation of your (potential) customers for personalized content and relevant information increases enormously, and they want the communication at the right touchpoint and in real-time. Hence, you should automate your communication processes more intensively and provide your messages consistently at all touchpoints.

  • Sustainability: The optimal customer experience has long been the declared the main goal in marketing. However, it is becoming more and more important that positive experiences with the brand and the products have to ensure lasting customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to inspire customers and involve them emotionally for loyalty reasons: Create a holistic, consistent customer experience across all touchpoints - from the initial contact to the purchase, use and maintenance of a product, as this is the best way to gain loyal supporters for your brand.

  • Customer dialog: In the future, it will become more and more important to communicate relevant messages to interested parties and customers at the right moment and at the right touchpoint in an individualized way - along the entire Customer Journey. But how do you get to know what your prospective customer needs at what time? You can only get to know this by listening carefully to his/her needs and wants. In fact, it is the most important prerequisite for addressing their individual needs.

  • Collaboration: The marketing of the future bundles an enormous range of data from different sources, systems and departments. In this way, the marketer literally becomes the conductor in an orchestra of different people and themes. Against this background, he must not only bring all the persons involved within the company to a table, but also build the bridge to the customer. A prerequisite for technology is therefore obviously that the marketer accepts such a new role and is happily taking it on.

By MediaBUZZ