winningProfessor Jochen Wirtz, National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School’s Vice Dean (Graduate Studies) and Professor of Marketing, has adapted his globally leading textbook – “Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy (8th edition)” for industry practitioners.

For the first time, services sector practitioners will have access to tried and tested services management strategies backed by cutting-edge academic research via this new book titled Winning in Service Markets.

Targeted towards service organizations, the new publication provides comprehensive coverage of the latest academic research and its implications for best-practice service management and marketing across multiple services sector industries.

“Consumers today are more knowledgeable and sophisticated than ever before. Service organizations need to keep up by creating memorable customer service experiences in order to build brand loyalty,” says Prof Wirtz. “Through this book, I hope to help transform the service sector into one that creates value for both customers and employees whilst balancing profitability and growth.”

The secret to winning in service markets is succinctly summarized into a five-part framework for readers.  With the whole service-profit chain in mind, organizations can cultivate a shared service climate, culture and leadership by:

1. Understanding the power of design and packages of “intangible” benefits and products for employees;
2. Investing in high quality service operations and customer information management processes;
3. Grooming a pool of motivated and competent front-line employees;
4. Building and maintaining a loyal and profitable customer base; and
5. Developing and implementing a coherent service strategy to transform assets into improved business performance.

Leonard A. Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School, affirms that the book “provides a set of useful frameworks and prescriptions rooted in both practice and research. As such, it represents a refreshing alternative to the prevailing literature available to managers who are looking for insights rooted in sound theory”, adding that it is “a must read for any practicing manager in the service economy.”

Prof Wirtz is recognized globally for his excellence in teaching and research with over 40 awards. He holds a Ph.D. in services marketing from the London Business School and his research has been published in some 100 academic journal articles and 130 conference presentations. He has published over 10 books and is an active management consultant in the areas of strategy, business development and customer feedback systems.

Winning in Service Markets” is published by World Scientific Publishing and is available for purchase on Amazon and leading book stores.