PatMurphy Left MattCooper Right ColourLittle Black Book (LBB) and Murphy Cobb Associates (MCA) announced the launch of Creative Intelligence, a unique global solution that supports a streamlined direct-to-client creative approach. In a constantly shifting and disruptive market, brands and businesses are seeking new ways of working, particularly when it comes to the execution of their creative communication and marketing.

Matt Cooper, founder and CEO of Little Black Book believes there is no better time to launch the service, stating: “This is the most exciting time ever to be in the business but there has been a lot of change and for many this has meant a lack of resources and time. Time to find the right partners and suppliers to create the brilliant work the industry needs in 2017.

Simple, solution-neutral and cost efficient, Creative Intelligence harnesses the extraordinary expertise and reach of both LBB and MCA to assist agencies and brands to supercharge their creative output. Shunning the ‘one size fits all’ approach, Creative Intelligence offers tailor-made solutions, and the education, support, connections and insight needed to navigate the changing landscape.

Supplying more than top talent and creative partnerships, Creative Intelligence promises to re-educate marketers in the entire creative advertising process, empowering teams to make more effective marketing decisions.

“Helping agencies and suppliers connect online, through the site, and increasingly putting these people together to form real partnerships, has become part of LBB’s core skill. It’s what we do best. We come from the industry and understand how to quickly and sensibly help many through this process”, Matt Cooper emphasized.

As a major creative news platform, LBB boasts an international team that is connected to top industry leaders, up-and-coming talent, specialists and upstarts around the world, and has an unrivalled insight into the whole marketing ecosystem. Already a powerful resource for the global creative community, LBB brings together end clients, agencies, creative tech labs, production, VFX, innovation and music companies around the world. That means, it’s uniquely positioned to tap into global creative talent and trends.

Pat Murphy, Founder and Owner of MCA, comments: “Although for many years we have been helping clients to partner with the right creative suppliers, this collaboration with LBB will allow us to offer the whole global landscape, without agendas or vested interests. We have only one thing in mind – the work. By combining MCA’s process and best practice with LBB’s creative insights, we can offer clients an alternative way to achieve optimal creative execution at best value. Whether it’s a digital producer in Sri Lanka, or a table top photographer in Iceland, Creative Intelligence will be able to get it done.”

Indeed, production consultancy MCA has been helping advertisers around the world maximise the efficiency of their communications production investments for over ten years. They audit, benchmark, review, strategize, advise and project manage some of the world’s largest marketing spenders, ensuring efficiencies and optimising investments across the production process. By combining MCA’s global client reach and production knowledge with LBB’s global creative insight, community and online platform, Creative Intelligence can offer an ‘out of the box’ solution to accessing and working with the world’s best creative and production talent – ensuring that more of the client’s budget is in the final creative output.

Pat Murphy points out that “2017 is a time for clients to be bold and we want to help them build their businesses through better production decision making”, while Matt Cooper concludes that “it is of huge importance to them, helping put best-quality partners in front of whoever may need them, be it client or agency.”

If using their expertise means they can help make the end work better, faster, smoother and put the best brains in the business together, all parties will eventually benefit.

By MediaBUZZ