digitaljMeet Asia's news media professionals (digital editors, news producing and news design teams,, as well as social media and mobile strategies teams) at the 2nd edition of Digital Journalism World and get insights on how to integrate automated storytelling technologies and robot journalism into the work of news reporting.

The summit will take place May 11-12, 2015 at the One Farrer Hotel & Spa Singapore and feature many icons of the industry who have given the news world a different take on news reporting and engagement with readers. One interesting topic discussed there, for instance, will be the use of robots and automated storytelling technology and its current use in journalism, besides covering the following key issues:

Industry’s top trends: AR, VR, robots, wearable technology and drones for news gathering.

Social sharing and social publishing: Instagram and Twitter in journalism, search engine tools, crowdsourcing, optimizing social sharing, apps and push alerts.

Data journalism and data mining intelligence: Finding the data stories, data scraping, data & story mining intelligence, OSINT (open source intelligence), data wrapper tools & accessing data sets.

Data science in the newsroom: Running the data operations, using audience data, big data analytics, algorithmic curation & predictive data, measuring audience engagements.

Adaptive Journalism: Building news which anticipates users’ needs in a device-first sensitivity world, and learning how to adapt to user behaviour and personal preferences.

Mobiles & tablets strategies: Smartphone and tablet news production, mobile video production strategies, and app automation tools.

Infographics & visualization: Interactive infographics, infographics and visualization case studies, data maps & stories and making sense of data sets

The event will feature an impressive panel of top-notch speakers this year from major news media organizations:

• Martin Stabe, Head, Interactive News, Financial Times

• Ethan Klapper, Senior Social Media Editor, The Huffington Post

• Robin Moroney, Communications Manager, Google

• Etan Horowitz, Senior Mobile Editor, CNN Digital

• Adam Najberg, Asia Digital Editor, Wall Street Journal

• Tim Pool, Director of Media Innovation & Senior Correspondent, Fusion

• Ryan O'Connor, Creative Director, News Online, BBC News

• Andy Carvin, Editor-in-Chief,, First Look Media

• Greg Barber, Director Digital News Projects, The Washington Post

• Hille van der Kaa, Professor, Future Media, Fontys School of Applied Sciences

• Joshua Wilwohl, Online Editor, The Cambodia Daily

• James A. Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM

• Hamish Boland-Rudder, Online Editor, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)

• Mark Johnson, South-East Asia correspondent, The Economist

• Robb Montgomery, CEO, Visual Editors, Founder, Smart Film School, Berlin Germany

• Mat Yurow, Associate Director, Audience Development, The New York Times

• Esa Makinen, Data and Interactives Editor, Helsingin Sanomat

• Marc Lourdes, Yahoo News Digest

• Adam Najberg, Asia Digital Editor, The Wall Street Journal

• Jim Roberts, Chief Content Editor, Mashable

Since it is obvious that social media has revolutionized the way readers now receive and perceive the news, you should be interested in finding out what happens when the newsroom moves from being a publisher to being a content producer, and what can you do to keep up with this change.

Attending the Digital Journalism World 2015 summit will not only help you manage social media more effectively in the newsroom, but also help you discover how major news agencies like the Huffington Post, the Economist and Yahoo! News have turned their focus to mobile, and why this works.

By Daniela La Marca