emasSocial Ads, an innovative new product from Emarsys, enables brands to target customers via highly personalized social media advertisements on Facebook, giving them another channel to engage, convert and retain customers. The global provider of cloud-based marketing technology recently developed a number of solutions that support eCommerce, addressing several important challenges faced by companies, such as increasing revenue and reaching customers.

According to Benjamin Glynn, Country Manager for Singapore at Emarsys, at least 46% of Singaporeans purchased something online in the past month; almost half of online shoppers (49%) demand a personalized experience, and at the same time about 91% of Singaporeans are on Facebook. Hence, he is convinced that “Social Ads provide a great opportunity for marketers to coordinate targeted and personalized experiences across channels. With a multi-channel approach marketers can expect significantly higher engagement from the end consumer.”

Emarsys’ eMarketing Suite platform already offers some of the most flexible and sophisticated customer lifecycle segmentation and campaign management in the market. With Social Ads, users can now take the target segments they use for email, mobile and web, and let Facebook build corresponding Custom Audiences from the contacts it finds. Display Ads created in the Suite CMS can then target those audiences as part of a comprehensive, multi-channel engagement strategy.

Furthermore, contacts can be added to audiences in real time and removed just as easily, ensuring that the Facebook Ads budget is spent exactly where it is most effective. The only data exchanged between Suite and Facebook are email addresses, ensuring full data integrity while creating a true one-to-one customer experience on the world’s most popular social network. This degree of automation and level of data integration has not been seen in social media marketing until now.

Mr. Ohad Hecht, COO at Emarsys, comments, “Facebook is already a great medium for customer acquisition, and now with Social Ads it also becomes a highly effective advertising channel for retention marketing. With so many emails remaining unopened, marketers now have an additional weapon in their armory to target unresponsive customers and decrease churn by producing highly personalized advertisements, delivered at exactly the right time.”

Obviously, Emarsys provides marketers with a complete and integrated solution, combining prediction, personalization and omnichannel automation to deliver great customer engagement. Now, marketers will also have the ability to build lookalike audiences of their most profitable customers, helping extend the reach of campaigns to target prospective audiences with similar interests.

By MediaBUZZ