accuweatherAccuWeather, a global leader in digital media, developed the unique StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen Solution that brings every story to life in an all-new compelling, interactive and engaging way. It is a revolutionary interactive solution for the entire news presentation with new application content and enhancements specifically developed to resonate with TV viewers' new digital media behaviors and expectations. With the fully integrated UGC capabilities of StoryTeller, newsrooms can instantly bring viewers' digital media content into their broadcast, increasing real-time engagement and relevancy.

StoryTeller's Social Media application now provides local search capabilities to report immediately the local social media pulse on trending topics across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. Enhanced search feature capabilities save time, efficiently honing in on topics of interest through new multiple hashtag, keyword, and location search functionality, screening, and aggregating user content. Broadcasters also easily integrate social media videos, photos, and audio from any workstation to bring each story to life quickly.

"The use of user-generated content in news presentations, from social media content to videos and photos, increases real-time engagement with viewers," Loren Tobia, Vice President of Sales of AccuWeather's Display Systems and Services division said.  "Providing this new level of dynamic, rapidly changing content in one complete, easy-to-use StoryTeller system is efficient and effective for television stations."

In addition, to enhance Social Media capabilities, StoryTeller by AccuWeather announces a new partnership with MGN Online to provide fast, easy access to MGN Online's full content library of crowd-sourced videos and images, providing instant on-the-scene content for breaking news and events. Additionally, StoryTeller live polling, traffic, weather, and health applications now incorporate the power of UGC.

Through StoryTeller's interactive Polling Application, broadcasters can incorporate live, customized audience polling into news stories with new Twitter hashtag voting capabilities as well as through station websites. The application also includes new enhanced graphics, 3D views, and multiple poll view features, sharing viewer poll results in real time on-air through engaging, interactive presentations that will appeal to a digital-savvy audience. The set-up and reporting is simple and seamless. In minutes, broadcasters can quickly enter polling questions on any national, regional, or local trending topic in StoryTeller's easy automated editor, choose their polling presentation view, and invite viewers to provide feedback. As viewers place their votes, the Polling Application automatically tabulates the results for real-time, on-air audience feedback and news story impact.

"To lead in your market, real-time audience engagement is a necessity for live broadcasts. Instead of a one-way approach to communicating a story, this creates a true sense of involvement with the station and their community, attracting and retaining digital-savvy viewers," according to Loren Tobia. "What's even more compelling about the StoryTeller solution is that we've designed it to be straight-forward and easy for stations to implement.  There is no sophisticated coding or advanced programming skills required. The Polling Application makes it simple to create polls in minutes through StoryTeller."

Evidently, AccuWeather delivers a wide range of highly customized enterprise solutions to media, business, government, and institutions, as well as news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites, as seen in the video below.

By MediaBUZZ