sparklineSingapore-based data analytics consultancy Sparkline has announced partnerships with three of the world’s most innovative technology companies, Gigya, uberVU and Ooyala, in a move that will help deepen the level of online data measurement and analysis they can provide to businesses.

Sparkline analyses a company’s online and mobile data to extract insights that improve marketing, merchandising and business operations. With customised data analytics and strategic solutions, Sparkline develops smarter customer service approaches for businesses and gives them better understanding of the value of their digital assets and media channels. Hence, all three companies mentioned, will gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their applications in a real time business environment by partnering with Sparkline.

Commenting on the partnerships, Aleetza Senn, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Sparkline said: “It is important for businesses to measure all activity and integrate tools into bespoke architectures that answer business needs, versus moulding themselves around products, which is what we often see. We are thrilled to deepen our expertise in the video and social space to really provide brands with metrics they can make decisions on in somewhat elusive areas of video and social.”

Sparkline is already the only data analytics consultancy in Singapore to partner with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, demonstrating their agnostic stance on technology as a facilitator for data, rather than it being the main focus.

Whilst most available online data analytics tools measure website clicks and basic demographics of online visitors, Gigya takes the technology a step further, analyzing social log-ins to provide valuable information on individual visitors, enabling businesses to better customize and personalize user experiences.

Recently acquired by Hootsuite, uberVU provides a next-generation social analytics solution that turns data from blogs, forums and social networks into actionable business insights.  uberVU helps businesses better understand their social audience by identifying key influencers on relevant topics, making it easier to measure online sentiment and highlighting important mentions.

Ooyala, an independent subsidiary of telecommunications and media company Telstra, enables businesses to measure the effectiveness of video content on their own websites using engagement analytics, a process previously only possible via YouTube-published video content.

“It's difficult to find a partner that is able to leverage different technologies to extract insights from data-driven analysis which can then be tied directly to business goals. Working with Sparkline is refreshing as they demonstrate the art of digital performance.” said Sarim Aziz, Director, Partnerships APAC, Hootsuite.

By MediaBUZZ