TrackPackageGmailAhead of the holiday season, Gmail announced it would give its users the ability to track their upcoming package delivery right from their inbox.

The feature looks for emails with tracking numbers and uses that information to determine the estimated delivery date of the order and marks it directly in the Gmail inbox.

That means customers no longer have to click through their order confirmation emails to see when their package will arrive when browsing their email list in Gmail. Instead, this information appears in a small green label just below the email sender's name and subject line in the inbox. A small truck icon will appear, followed by text indicating the status of the order and the delivery date.

According to Google, this label is updated during the order and contains information such as “label created”, the arrival date or the delivery date.

When the email is opened, the user receives an overview map with an image preview, the product name and delivery information. There will also be an order status timeline with links to “track package” and “order details”.

Google says Gmail package tracking will be available at most major US carriers and will be rolling out for Android and iOS in the coming weeks. It will then come online in the “coming months”.

This novelty saves online shoppers many additional steps that typically require consumers to open their order confirmation emails and then either copy the tracking information into the carrier's system or Google or click on a provided link to track the order to retrieve. Now all they have to do is check their Gmail inbox.

In the coming months, Gmail will proactively display a delay label and push the email to the top of your inbox, so you never miss a packet. (Source: Google)

By MediaBUZZ