TrendsEmailMarketingAccording to research, almost all (99%) of businesses use email marketing to regularly engage with their customers and prospects, proving that email is more vital and relevant than ever.

Email marketing also retains its top spot in popularity because it is constantly being optimized. New features, updates and technical tools increase the effectiveness of campaigns and increase convenience for the recipient.

Smart services, transaction functions and interactive elements, as well as new methods of personalization and the increasing importance of security and data protection characterize email marketing, according to Rasmus Giese, CEO of United Internet Media (UIM):

Smart additional services as assistants and organizers

Email services enable much more than just sending and receiving electronic messages. The email inbox is the linchpin as well as the central assistant and organizer for digital life. Smart assistants help to keep track and offer practical additional services, which only requires email senders to design their messages in such a way that smart mailbox software can correctly assign the incoming messages to the appropriate category, such as social media, newsletter, orders, or subscriptions.

More transactions from the mailbox

If newsletters lead to the sender’s shopping offers, they ensure more sales on their websites and apps. The shorter the customer journey, the faster the purchase. The quickest way is when the email itself becomes a shop. If the messages themselves are supplemented with purchase functions, the email inbox becomes one of the most far-reaching transaction platforms. In the future, email providers will offer even more attractive touchpoints in digital commerce so that companies can address their customers directly in the inbox and adapt their strategy accordingly.

Interactivity gets attention

Interactive elements are necessary for greater inbox engagement as they can add interest and variety to email newsletters. Examples of such elements can be text and images animations, fading in and out, as well as image changes or zooms and mouse-over effects. With interactive elements expected to become an integral part of email marketing in the future, as is already the case with most other digital channels, marketers should urgently address them.

Emails enable a high degree of personalization

Intensive use of email generates high-quality first-party data that enables personalized targeting beyond the end of the third-party cookies. It is important not only to ask for title and name when generating leads, but also to use other login data for segmentation. Because in email marketing, numerous segments can be highly individualized for each user and retailers should use this to select the right offer for each target group at the right moment.

Privacy and security as a foundation

Email is an indispensable marketing tool, but it requires the senders to continuously deal with the latest developments and focus on digital responsibility. At least, email marketing has improved tremendously in quality since its advent and this trend will only continue.

By MediaBUZZ