GartnerMelissaGartner has acknowledged Melissa as a Niche Player in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality for the third consecutive year.

Melissa is a leading provider of data quality, identity verification and address management solutions, helping companies with customer acquisition and retention, validating and correcting contact data, optimizing marketing ROI and managing risk.

"Melissa's inclusion in the Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions validates our focus on enabling our customers to get the most from their customer data," said Ray Melissa, President and Founder of Melissa, adding, "We've made a difference in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and metadata processing, and added knowledge graphs, drag-and-drop (no-code, low-code) capabilities, and data quality automation to our product suite. A comprehensive toolset for data quality, address verification, and identity verification is now available to help organizations comply with complex regulations, streamline onboarding, fight fraud, and leverage the value of customer data as an asset.”

For instance, Melissa's worldwide email checker performs real-time verification of email inboxes, checks the email address, and thus filters out 95% of invalid emails. This prevents blacklisting and returns.

Because, statistically speaking, around 30% of the emails in your company contain errors. At a certain point these can no longer be delivered due to inaccurate data entry or expiration which can cause problems. You can fix the problem in real-time or in batch mode with Melissa’s technology and that way increase deliverability, conversion rate and quality.

Melissa’s solution contains the following modules and functions:

  • Ping each email in real-time to ensure it is active and able to receive emails to ensure a successful campaign
  • Improve email address deliverability and quality by correcting typos and illegal characters that lead to high bounce rates
  • Fraud prevention by verifying email addresses so only valid email addresses make it into your database
  • Ensure CAN-SPAM compliance through an integrated Federal Communications Commission (FCC) list of protected mobile email addresses

“The process from input to testing to the result takes place fully automatically in the background within seconds! By combining the individual components, our solution is ‘brought to life’, which you can easily integrate into your infrastructure via web service or on-premise API,” the company states.

In the report, Gartner states, "Driven by the transition to advanced data quality capabilities, the market for data quality solutions is increasingly consolidating with adjacent data and analytics markets such as metadata management, governance platforms, data integration tools, and master data management (MDM) solutions. Therefore, data and analytics leaders and users expect seamless interoperability between products based on consolidation and metadata sharing. Evaluating and selecting solutions is less technical and now requires closer collaboration with business leaders and different stakeholders who want to use the solutions for different use cases.

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