GoodContentIdeasEmail marketing is increasingly about sales promotion and lead generation, using automated email routes and content tailored to the recipient. Campaigns for that are particularly successful when the content offers real added value for the user, like the following:

  1. Free specialist downloads

    Free specialist downloads always score and are also very suitable for expanding the distribution list. Videos, white papers or guides are usually not perceived as clumsy advertising since the messages are more subtle (the author is an expert in his field), and therefore have a more lasting effect.

    The creation of good content does take a lot of time, but it can easily be "packaged" in different formats and, of course, played in different marketing channels. For example, a checklist can be created from a whitepaper, or the content can be (re)used for a webinar or short video. Popular content formats are:
    • White papers
    • Cheat sheets
    • Checklists
    • Guides / How To's ...
    • Best practices
    • Webinars
    • Explainer videos
    • Specialist articles

  2. Advance information and exclusives
    As interesting and often effective as social media marketing is, the dependency on the platforms used remains, because your followers are their gold. So why do you think your mailing list belongs only to you? With vouchers, advance information on new products or exclusive prices, it is possible to expand your own email distribution list and to retain prospects and customers.

  3. Behind the scenes
    What's happening behind the scenes, what's on your mind right now? The biggest current challenge? The most beautiful success in the last year? Retro ad campaigns? With all (automated) marketing, we should not underestimate the importance of personal contact in customer retention and bringing a human touch to nurture and grow relationships.

  4. Recaps
    Sharing your own experiences and making knowledge accessible is also an interesting content option: What did you do? What tools were used to measure success? And what do the key performance indicators reveal? This works for a wide variety of areas. Of course, it makes sense in marketing, but you can also talk about packaging ideas, sales strategies, product development or branding. The main thing is to get to the point and be "crisp".

  5. Event-related content
    Christmas, Easter, or Valentine's Day, there are so many different but also crazy hooks for emails. In other words, there is something for everyone. Birthday campaigns, for example, once a year and beautifully done, do not require a great deal of effort, but are a very personal occasion and therefore very popular.

  6. Product news
    Of course, important product innovations have to be communicated. This should be as specific as possible. It should therefore be products that interest the reader – preferably at the time the e-mail is received.

  7. Customer lifecycle-based content
    As so often said: "New customers have to be convinced, existing customers have to be looked after all around." In email marketing, this works great with automated routes. The “trigger” is usually purchasing behavior and/or signing up for the email list. Various mailings, welcome spreads, additional offers for purchased products, maintenance intervals, new products that could replace the old ones, etc., are tailored to this. The field is broad, and experience has shown that the opening and click rates are very good.

  8. User-generated content
    In the case of user-generated content, the user or buyer integrates the content. The most popular method is to place customer reviews in emails. A compliment about your product or service creates authenticity and interest.

By MediaBUZZ