6textTextMagic Ltd, a provider of text messaging products, develops and markets web- and Internet-based SMS communications solutions for businesses, agencies, developers, and individuals. The company’s bulk SMS service is fast, reliable and has a worldwide reach, helping clients get the most from their SMS communications budgets.

Email to SMS

TextMagic’s Email to SMS service allows you to receive and send text messages using your email account. It works with your existing email provider or server, and you can send text messages in unlimited numbers to multiple mobile recipients. The email to service allows you to email SMS messages, SMS alerts and content to your customers, co-workers, friends and family. It’s reliable and cost-effective, and you can use it anywhere - at the office, at home, overseas, or wherever you can access your email. SMS text messages can even be sent via email from your internet-enabled smartphone.

Integrate text messaging into applications

Connect to TextMagic’s Bulk SMS Gateway using the HTTP SMS API or Email to SMS services. TextMagic’s Bulk SMS Gateway API allows application developers to send text messages to more than 700 global mobile networks.

You can integrate bulk SMS messaging services into your applications, websites, software, and back-office custom apps. With the HTTP SMS API, it’s quick and easy.

If you don’t want to spend time and money writing code, ready-made SMS scripts are available for free in PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl and Python.

textmagicSend text messages from an Internet browser

You can send text messages to any number of mobile phones while travelling abroad, in the office or at home with TextMagic’s Web to SMS service. The company’s Web SMS tool is quick and easy, because it is browser-based and works from any computer.

Forward emails to your mobile

TextMagic’s TextMe will forward Emails to SMS, so you can receive important email alerts when you’re on the move. A special mailbox is created for your email SMS alerts and the address mapped to your mobile device. All emails sent to this address will appear on your phone as text messages. You can even create a comprehensive alert service and forward email to mobile devices held by employees and partners.

Please note: TextMe is a one-way service, thus, it only forwards emails to mobiles. If you are looking for a two-way service, you can take advantage of TextMagic’s Email to SMS service.

Make use of bulk SMS software

TextMagic Messenger is an easy-to-use and robust bulk text messaging software application for PC and Mac that allows you to send text messages to your mobile audience one text at a time, or in bulk.

PC and Mac compatible, it cuts the cost of staying in touch while still allowing you to send bulk text messages to the mobile phones of your choice. You don't even have to use your phone – texting is much easier from your computer keyboard!

Two-way text messaging: SMS reply service

Two-way text messaging from your computer saves time, money and minutes on your mobile phone and is useful for businesses as it allows you to connect with customers, partners and field-based employees easily.

TextMagic_messenger_screenshotMobile marketing sign-up forms grow your SMS marketing database

With TextMagic’s mobile marketing sign-up forms, you can collect the mobile phone numbers of all your website visitors. Once you have embedded the mobile marketing opt-in web form on your website or blog, your SMS marketing database will start to grow. All of the mobile phone numbers collected will also be automatically inserted into the group you have chosen. Later, you can send a group text message to everyone who has signed up with only a few clicks. Everything works automatically, so you do not have to manually verify or check the entered details.

When people visit your website, they will notice the mobile marketing sign-up form and can then enter their mobile phone number and click subscribe. If they later wish to unsubscribe, they can do so simply by replying STOP to one of your text messages.

Obviously, clients turn to TextMagic for fast, scalable and reliable bulk SMS services and those who would like to test the offers can get a free trial.

By MediaBUZZ