3silverpopSilverpop seems to be the only marketing technology provider that offers a powerful marketing automation solution built atop a scalable email marketing platform, integrating social, mobile and a bunch of other features.

Powerful, intuitive direct email marketing and campaign management

Silverpop Engage offers email marketers a powerful opt-in email marketing platform that helps them more easily leverage data and quickly automate and optimize email campaign management. The results are deeper customer engagement, greater marketing efficiency and increased ROI.

Silverpop Engage email marketing features include:

  • Powerful Data Segmentation that defines customer segments quickly and easily, based on demographic or behavioral attributes, integrating data collected from email, surveys, landing pages and Web analytics. With this valuable customer insight, you can more precisely create targeted, relevant communications for enhanced customer relationships.
  • Easy Campaign Management that makes it simple to build highly personalized, relevant email campaigns that deliver the right content to the right recipient at precisely the right time. Silverpop's unique Send Time Optimization feature delivers your message at the precise day and time each recipient is most likely to be receptive based on past behavior.
  • Greater Relevance, a unique dynamic content wizard, that lets you tailor your message content and preview all possible permutations so you can more easily create personalized, relevant email messages. You can even preview and optimize messages for a variety of inboxes, including those on mobile devices, so that every email delivered renders properly.
  • On-Demand Reporting and Analytics that offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, enabling to quickly identify what activities, attributes and recipient behaviors have the most impact, besides allowing to adjust the email marketing campaign management accordingly.
  • Best-In-Class Deliverability, a suite of deliverability features and a dedicated team of deliverability experts, gives you maximum visibility into your success at reaching the inbox. Unlike bulk email service providers, Silverpop's relationship and reputation with major inbox providers and leading-edge deliverability processes help ensure your messages reach intended targets.

Improved deliverability without the hassle

Regularly recognized as the No. 1 challenge among email marketers, deliverability can make or break an email campaign. Silverpop Engage provides industry-leading deliverability tools that work seamlessly in the background, so you can spend less time worrying about whether your messages reach the inbox and more time ensuring communications are truly meaningful and relevant.

While you build your email campaigns, the Silverpop Engage email management system is hard at work, ensuring it is optimized for delivery. Each time you hit the "Send," bottom Silverpop Engage is prepared to deliver your campaign over an optimized sending infrastructure, including white listing and authentication. Unlike an off-the-shelf email solution, Silverpop’s email marketing software provides in-depth reports and real-time alerts to monitor message delivery.

Trigger real-time, personalized, transactional emails within seconds of interaction

Companies frequently need to convey transactional emails and messaging to customers in real time, but entrenched technology and complex business processes can make it difficult. For marketers seeking greater control, Silverpop Engage Transact offers the benefits of in-depth reporting, enhanced transactional message deliverability and more, all with little-to-no upheaval to existing technical systems or message creation processes.

Silverpop Engage Transact is a dedicated sending architecture specifically designed for triggered transactional emails and messaging. It can be connected to practically any in-house system currently triggering messages. And, Transact gives you the tracking, reporting and deliverability you need to ensure accurate transmission of one-to-one transactional messaging generated by triggers in email, Web forms, landing pages or telesales.

Silverpop Engage transactional messaging features include:

  • Custom-Branded Transactional Messaging that converts traditionally text-only triggered messages and notifications into high-impact branded communications. It easily generates rich HTML transactional emails for receipts, notifications and alerts.
  • Advanced Tracking and Reporting tracks opens, clicks and other recipient actions to customize and optimize future communications. You’ll also gain insight into deliverability metrics, so you’ll be able to respond appropriately if important transactional emails aren’t reaching their intended targets.
  • Save a Copy of Transactional Messages is much like CC or BCC. Transact's MyCopy functionality lets users specify one or more email addresses that will receive a copy of every transactional message sent. This works great for customer service and regulatory groups wanting the ability to access exact copies of historical email orders, receipts, etc. Users can easily search for, review and forward on a copy to customers in the case of a question or dispute.
  • Two flexible ways to access Engage Transact: Silverpop makes it easy for any company to connect its systems to Silverpop’s transactional messaging engine:

XML APIs—Send automated messages via a secure XML feed for delivery via email or RSS. Your XML feed can contain a fully formed custom message or just a handful of personalized elements to merge with a predefined template.

SMTP Relay—If your current message mechanism doesn’t have an XML export capability, don’t worry. A simple configuration change on your organization’s outgoing email server can relay messages through Silverpop Engage Transact, leveraging our full suite of tracking, reporting and deliverability capabilities. (Source: www.silverpop.com)

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