3inactiveIn most e-mail lists there is a significant proportion of inactive recipients, which means users who didn’t open or haven’t clicked emails for a longer period of time. Thus, especially with larger e-mail lists it pays off to segment these recipients and approach them with the following tactics to reactivate them:

Vouchers and special offers: Try to win back inactive recipients with a voucher or a really attractive offer. In the B2B segment, you could also offer white papers, checklists, or a free ebook instead.

Check the delivery: The reason for the inactivity may also be due to technical issues. Maybe some receivers don’t get your emails, because they are rejected by spam filters? Check if a large proportion of your inactive receivers use the same e-mail provider and whether there are problems with this service provider.

Test different subject lines: Perhaps inactive recipients simply don’t like your subject lines or think they are not appealing? If that’s the case, try a different style or set the focus to another topic.

Change the format: If you send your newsletter only in HTML format, you could revert to plain text or the multipart format to send the mail to the inactive recipients.

Alternative approaches: If the mailing address or phone number is available, you could ask the receivers to update their profile with a letter or SMS. It is best to combine this measure with a contest or a voucher campaign to obtain a high response rate.

Reference to the profile update: Place a link to the profile form at a prominent place, so that the recipients can change their e-mail address, the format, or the frequency of the newsletter in an easy way.

Look for commonalities: Check if the inactive receivers have something in common - for example, regarding demographic aspects or if mostly female recipients are inactive or those that live abroad? Perhaps the addresses of inactive recipients were generated in the same way, for example with a game-winning campaign? Based on the results, you can create a separate newsletter for the specific groups and better meet the needs of this target group.

By MediaBUZZ