5gemaltoWith Smart Message, Gemalto enhances the messaging model to the point where brands, companies and advertisers are able to start developing real interactive relationships with their customers:

  • Reach: compatible with 100% of handsets
  • Always seen: it is displayed automatically on the idle screen so the end-user doesn't need to check the inbox
  • Easy to use: requires one single click to reply, without any short codes.
  • Engaging: innovative types of messaging campaigns, with multiple screens and decision trees
  • Personalized: messages match the profile of the end-user
  • Free of charge: for end-users to reply back.

Take a look at the example of a Smart Message campaign with multiple screens, decision trees and multiple choice menus:


Gemalto's leadership in mobile technology is the force behind Lassoo, its powerful mobile-marketing platform.

gemaltoLassoo is an end-to-end service that helps advertisers start smarter conversations with their customers by offering them a superior channel, customized tools and Gemalto's expertise in mobile marketing. It solves the complexity of booking a mobile campaign in terms of diversity of handsets, OS and mobile operators and works across all participating mobile operators by using a SIM card bandwidth that makes it compatible with 100% of mobile phones. As permission-based messaging, it guarantees compliance with privacy policies, as messages are sent only to opt-in databases provided by the advertisers.

Lassoo provides multiple engagement modes you can choose according to the objectives of your campaign:


Lassoo ' s dedicated channel, Smart Message, has been specially developed to enhance user-experience for customers, allowing to create new types of campaigns and enjoy higher response rates than ever before.

(Source: Gemalto)

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