5crmCRM Asia Solutions Ltd. offers an effective email marketing solution as well as professional low cost email marketing services. Founded in 2007 and incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles, the company provides high quality, expert consulting and professional implementation and support services for the full range of online business solutions for small to medium sized business in the Asia Pacific and European region.

The company’s email marketing solution Connect enables creating flexible campaigns and track reads, bounces, link clicks and more. Here are some of the features:

Attractive, intuitive reports


Insights into trends and open rates

Building statistics each time a user opens and reads your HTML or multi-format mailings includes who opened and read your mailing, at what date, and how many times. You can create new lists based on those statistics.


CRM Asia Solutions provides a number of email templates as part of their email marketing services and can help adjust your email template to strategically focus your audiences' attention on what matters to your business. The application enables you to:

  1. Track the links in your email to see 'click-through rates';
  2. See who clicks the links in your email;
  3. Target them in more focused campaigns.

'Message Overlay' for analyzing audience click-behavior

The application enables you to:

  1. Forward rates;
  2. Track who forwards your emails and creates lists of these people for future follow up;
  3. Subscribe requests;
  4. Track who subscribes to your email list;
  5. Un-subscribe requests.

For each of your email lists, all users who have unsubscribed are added to the unsubscribed list. This allows you to maintain an up to date list of customers/prospects currently interested in your product/services.

Bounced / bad emails

Track the integrity of your email list with the bounced email tracking function that lists all bad email addresses along with the bounce code which will help you identify the error. Create new lists from this report for future follow up.

Crm3In addition, the solution enables:

  1. Auto responder statistical information;
  2. View number of auto responders that have been sent, amounts of reads, and bounces;
  3. You also can track and report all of these options using Generate Reports;
  4. Customized Statistical Graph Reporting.
The CRM Asia Solutions’ email marketing tool can easily generate graphs for complex statistical analysis - for example:
  • By List - 30 day subscription trend; 30 day mailing trend, list comparisons by subscribers and messages;
  • By Message - Successful versus Unsuccessful; and Bounced, Read/Open, Link Tracking; and Read/Open Trends over 30 days.

Suitable for B2B or B2C businesses in the Asia Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, the extensive functionality of CRM Asia Solutions’ email marketing tool will give you the ability to track email reads, link clicks, forwards, subscribers/unsubscribers and bounces.

The company consists of a small team of people who have over 30 years of collective experience living and working in a number of Asian countries across a variety of business sectors, providing CRM Asia Solutions the unique advantage of being sensitivity to cross cultural problems which can occur when implementing any kind of improvement strategy.

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