about wanderSay goodbye to posting on social networks and waiting for comments, feedback and likes, as Wander is the new, better way of interacting with other people digitally.

The app Wander connects like-minded people through its group messaging platform, allowing people discover, join and create chat channels on Wander easily from anywhere. In these channels they can discuss topics that matter to them with strangers as a group, and send photos ,GIFs and run polls – in real-time.

People can choose how robust or anonymous they want their profiles on Wander to be and private information, such as emails, are never displayed.  In open beta (on iOS) since September 2016, thousands of Wanderers have created over 600 different channels, and are connecting with new people daily over a wide range of topics.

Wander’s chat channels are useful for tribes of people sharing interests (e.g. travelling, photography), life stages (e.g. new parents, university students), and communities (e.g. expats and activists). Wander can power existing communities that lack exposure and deep engagement – with powerful discoverability and real-time chat. Wander can also power events to extend their impact, as attendees can chat with each other before, during, and after the event about top-of-mind topics.

“Social networks today have lost reason for being - to truly connect people. We've got so many Facebook 'friends', but we don't share anything in common. The future of social networks isn’t about collecting likes and followers, or siloing you with people you know. The future is in helping you find the personal in the mass," says Wander founder, Krystal Choo.

"Wander provides that personal connection we’ve been lacking by letting us communicate in tribes of Wanderers, just like us, with common passions like yoga or indie bands. It's time to bring back the 'social' in social networking."
Wander is free to download and available globally, in several languages, on the Apple AppStore and the Android Play Store. In the future, people will be able to chat on Wander from their web browser.

Download Wander directly or visit http://wander.chat for a preview of live chat channels, videos, and screenshots of the app.  Sometimes friends don’t get it, so why not chatting with strangers instead about topics that matter – in exciting chat channels on Wander.

By MediaBUZZ