searchCIf you still didn’t jump on the bandwagon of social media marketing, Wendy Suto’s list of benefits clearly speak for social media and are quite convincing to get started.

Wendy, who is the President and CEO of Search Circus, a Website marketing firm specialized in the study of search engines, user behavior and Internet buying trends summarized the main benefits of social media that provide tons of good reasons why you shouldn’t neglect it. Social Media Marketing enables companies to:

Establish a brand and raise awareness: Since the majority of the population is already visiting social media sites, getting your brand name all over appropriate networks can help let people know that you're around. If you have yet to create a company image online, social networks are the place to do it

Pitch products in a more human and interactive way: Featuring a product on a social media site is one of the fastest ways to bring attention to it. Since people visit social media sites to get personal rather than be bombarded with ads, you should discuss your business in a fun way and engage your customers with questions. Ask their opinions and entice them to respond back. This way you're making a valuable connection that will help grow your number of return customers. Give a promotion along with it for your online community members and watch your sales skyrocket.

Conduct market research and spy on the competition: Listen to what your customers say about your products, and track what links they click on, and you'll begin to see what your customers like and respond to. People love to express their opinions on social media sites, which will allow you to hear the truth. Then you can use your new-found information to tweak your product or service to please them as well as continue to post more information and links that they will enjoy.  You should even follow your competitors on social media to see what they have up their sleeve. Just make sure to provide a better deal than whatever they have going on.

Increase customer loyalty and trust: Social media networks allow your company to answer your customers' questions and concerns directly in a timely manner. This will improve customer satisfaction and at the same time save you money on long distance customer service phone calls. Not to mention that social media sites are an awesome way to see what your target audience is saying about your company or your products. Take their constructive criticism and use it to enhance your product to better meet their needs. Besides, speaking to your customers in a personal way will make them feel like they are talking to a friend, not a company. It can win their confidence and make them to do business with you rather than your competition. It will also improve the chances of customer recommendations.

By MediaBUZZ