adAdParlor Asia launched Intelligence Tags™, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to test the creative effectiveness across a range of social ads, including images, videos, as well as unique formats such as GIFs, cinemagraphs, canvas ads and text.

“Marketing today is about asking ‘why’, and producing answers backed by data,” Matt Sutton, CEO, AdParlor Asia said, “Intelligence Tags will streamline the mechanical side of the question, so they can focus on creating better solutions rather than assessing the problem”.

As commonly known, the most important KPIs for social media are reach, interaction rate, website traffic, conversion rate, SEO improvements and sentiment (mood). But with growing interest in social media marketing comes more focus on metrics for measuring its success and AdParlor Asia aims to take the guesswork out of knowing what elements of each creative work and why.

adparlorInsights range from product analysis, background, color, copy, and the contents of an image all through advanced visual analysis.

“Elements in a creative should not be taken for granted, especially in Asia where cultures and perceptions can be incredibly diverse. Creatives need to be tested and measured to ensure they perform in your market,” Sutton said.

The Intelligence Tags feature scans the contents of images and videos and automatically tags elements. In addition to the automatic tags, advertisers can add their own custom tags to any asset. The system then analyzes those tags across an advertiser’s entire library to understand what elements perform best.

AdParlor continues to bring innovation through its technology, enabling customers to draw insights and take action focusing on key business metrics” said Vedang Gajjar, VP Strategy at AdParlor Asia Pacific.

The technology is initially available for Facebook and Instagram campaigns, but will be available on Pinterest and Snapchat in the near future.

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