3socialIn social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it is no longer just about posting pictures and photos from the last party. Companies have been using these channels for a long time to communicate with their customers and promote their brand.

However, the benefits of social media for companies are not limited to branding, as there are different ways how to use social media platforms to grow your business more efficiently.


Facebook ads can be used to address specific groups that might be interested in your content, based on their location, demographics, interests or behavior. Companies can identify different ads for different targets, e.g. to increase online sales, generate leads, promote mobile apps, or increase brand awareness.

  • Facebook Custom Audiences: When companies have data from their website, they can target ads on Facebook based on that data. Simply upload a contact list safely and get started!
  • Facebook Lookalike Audiences: This feature helps to expand the target audience by using the characteristics of the current customers, site visitors or page fans, as a basis.
  • Buy button: Users can now go directly to the Facebook page and purchase things there without visiting a website.
  • Facebook Social Plugins enable customers to share website content with their Facebook friends.
  • Facebook Insights: It provides comprehensive analysis on the business pages. The basic statistics, like the number of Likes and Page Views, are just the beginning.
  • Pages to Watch: Companies can, for example, keep an eye on the activities, the growth, and the commitment of the competition.
  • Facebook Live: An event or even a normal day at the office can be shared via Facebook Live as a video on Facebook.
  • Facebook 360: Companies can share their success and experiences with their fans even in the form of 360-degree photos or videos.


Twitter's ad platform provides companies with effective ways to promote content based on the target - be that more site visitors or followers, conversions and sales, commitment or app downloads.

  • Buy Button: Sales can be increased by allowing customers to buy the products via Twitter in just a few clicks with the "Buy" call-to-action.
  • Twitter Plugins include a set of widgets that transfer Twitter content to the site and display buttons that encourage followers to share the content and attract new followers. It’s possible to choose from several options, such as single tweet, embedded timelines, tweet- or follow button.
  • 'Live' button: Increase commitment by streaming the everyday life of the company. It can all be started, for instance, by clicking on the Periscope button on Twitter, which can be found in the Android and iOS apps.


Brands can be promoted through the "Sponsored" feature on Instagram to enhance awareness, traffic, or mobile app downloads, and companies can choose between the photo, video and Carousel-Ad formats.

Currently, buying directly through the Instagram feed is getting tested by some US brands and will be most likely be available soon to companies worldwide. The feature allows users to buy directly from the app, without having to leave it, and will replace "Link in Bio".

In addition, a number of helpful functions can be used via a business profile. Like e.g. adding the contact information so that customers can reach the company directly through a button in the profile, learning more about the behavior of the followers, seeing how the posts arrive, or creating promotions on Instagram that help grow the business.

After upgrading to a business account and the first post, companies can observe details about impressions and the reach for all subsequent posts. In addition, they can see the number of site clicks from the profile and how the followers behave on Instagram. By embedding the Instagram posts on the website (Instagram Plugin), the content becomes accessible to a wider audience. Furthermore, to keep up with the streaming possibilities on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram started Stories, enabling companies to show special offers or important milestones.

By MediaBUZZ