2liveLivestreaming is a powerful emotionalizing medium for its users and many want to share their experiences immediately with friends and acquaintances via social media. This automatically creates a link between the video content and other platforms, advertisers can make use of for their next campaigns.

Without doubt, livestreaming platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat offer great opportunities for marketing, as companies and brands can spread their content quickly and reach their customers through small video reports. In doing so, success is guaranteed when genuine and credible communication is in place.

How marketers can make use of the trend

Advertisers can strengthen their customer loyalty by using the new gadgets and by creating authenticity and originality with their video content that moves their customers. It’s a fact that many people find it easy to recognize and identify a brand after seeing a video. An advantage is the positive differentiation from competitors, which marketers can use for their benefit. Brands can quickly find their own style when using moving images, by responding directly to their target group’s feedback or simply asking what they expect from the brand.

Always convincing are creative, courageous ideas that are tailored to the interests of the users.

Not to mention that viewers can almost immediately intervene in live video events, for example through comments and their own reply videos. Through linking, they can share the content on social media platforms with friends, too. The direct and immediate interaction gives them the feeling to be on the spot and to play a part in the event.

Campaign tips for real-time marketing

Tip 1: Announce your campaigns early and make them attractive for your customers: a 24-hour lead-time and an appropriate image will encourage viewers to subscribe to your stream.

Tip 2: Optimize your videos across all devices, whether you're on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Your users should be able to get your videos anywhere.

Tip 3: Create a social media link that allows users to share their content easily, spreading it quickly across the web.

By combining portable gadgets, mobile devices and cameras with trackers and streaming apps, you are creating new possibilities of authentic live coverage. Targeted campaigning then brings creation together with emotion and becomes an online campaign that inspires people.

By Daniela La Marca