Cross Platform Mobile Development with BlackBerryMobile publishers and app developers, using Smaato to monetize their apps and mobile websites, can access the platform now through an easy-to-use API, as its SPX just got a major enhancement.

Smaato’s mobile-first platform offers a free publisher ad server (SPX), global real-time bidding (RTB) demand and integrated network mediation, support for direct-sold and private exchange deals and dynamic demand technology. This ensures that every impression competes equally across all forms of demand. Smaato supports built-in native and video advertising, plus all types of rich media, interstitial and standard banner ads.

With programmatic access to all major SPX functions, the SPX Management API, along with the existing SPX Reporting API, gives mobile publishers and app developers more control over their mobile advertising strategy than ever before. Publishers can change floor prices at any time and create or pause line items right within their CMS or internal systems, keeping all monetization efforts in one easily-accessible, familiar place.

“Global monetization of mobile apps is a 24/7 business that needs automation to succeed at scale. At Smaato, we focus on building the right features and tools to help publishers automate, save time and earn more money through mobile advertising” said Ragnar Kruse, CEO and co-founder of Smaato. “We understand that large publishers need more integrated solutions. That’s why we’re opening up access to our platform via an API – allowing our customers to integrate SPX into their enterprise solution.”

By MediaBUZZ