mposWelcome Real Time, the provider of payment-based loyalty solutions, and SmartPesa that provides next generation mPOS for emerging markets, just announced their collaboration to launch XLS mPOS on SmartPesa devices.

"With XLS mPOS for SmartPesa, Welcome Real Time continues to put loyalty at the heart of every payment interaction. SmartPesa has the deep knowledge of what emerging markets need and is poised to grow in those regions with their innovative products," said Pierre Boces, head of Product Marketing and Consulting, Welcome Real Time. "We are delighted to collaborate with SmartPesa to provide retail banks in South-East Asian or African countries with real-time payment-integrated loyalty."

XLS mPOS for SmartPesa is a payment-integrated loyalty solution designed for financial institutions in emerging markets that are challenged by a lacking infrastructure and limited payment options. It deploys on-premises with full legal/regulatory compliances and industry leading security systems and fully integrates with any financial switch.

Additional benefits are:

  • It allows retail banks, that are both card issuers and transactions acquirers, to launch or extend loyalty programs on the latest SmartPesa next generation mPOS.
  • Cardholders from those institutions enjoy a better customer experience at merchants using SmartPesa mPOS devices. They can conveniently earn and redeem loyalty rewards in real time at the moment of purchase, when paying on a SmartPesa mPOS.
  • By introducing a visually enhanced and convenient real-time earning and redemption of loyalty rewards, retail banks boost the usage of their cards on their acquired terminals, while driving card usage and cardholder satisfaction as well as increasing repeat visit and average ticket size at their acquired merchants.

"SmartPesa is continually looking to extend its banking last mile mPOS platform with leading solutions such as Welcome Real Time's XLS mPOS," said Barry Levett , Managing Director, SmartPesa. "Customers in emerging markets are especially looking for innovative technologies to solve real world practical problems, drive financial inclusion and better their lives: convenience, simplicity, trust and loyalty are integral to this experience. We are delighted to work with Welcome Real Time to bring much-needed loyalty solutions to the historically underserved emerging markets."

By MediaBUZZ