6TopPassTask, LLC, a Massachusetts-based technology company, unveiled its TOPs Balance (Task Oriented Passwords) platform that delivers game-changing, incremental mobile learning software for children and young adults, aimed at off-setting the growing trend of mobile device overuse and consumption by children and teens.

Developed by entrepreneur Fred Curtis Jr., founder of PassTask and a father of six, the app is the first-of-its-kind and designed to leverage mobile device use to supplement ongoing learning and education. "Raising six kids in the new mobile world, I saw immediately the incredible time being spent on mobile devices and knew then the difficult challenge”, he said. “I had to do something to create more value with that time. With TOPs, we balance their screen time with captivating educational content delivered in an effortless manner each time they pick up their device."

Indeed, it looks like he gave parents and kids a powerful tool that helps balance mobile device overuse with learning. The new TOPs unlock method has effectively reimagined a mobile device as a powerful and effortless knowledge delivery system.

Whenever the user reaches for a device, an alternative unlock method launches a 10-second "Knowledge Burst” which means a 10-second infusion of grade specific educational content that users pass through prior to gaining access to their home screen.  Material ranges from moments in history to vocabulary and science, all combined with dramatic imagery and drawn from partnerships with content leaders such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam Webster and Getty Images. The iOS version of TOPs also features an "audio read" function.

Parents and users first customize the intensity of learning by selecting either optional or mandatory delivery of ‘Knowledge Bursts’. Then, users are prompted with Knowledge Bursts at every device unlock, thereby balancing their mobile device overuse.

  • The optional delivery method (low intensity) gives the user a unique prompt or persuasive option for a 10-second 'Knowledge Burst' at every unlock screen.
  • The mandatory delivery method (high intensity) is a more dedicated balance strategy and requires the completion of a 10-second 'Knowledge Burst' at every unlock, prior to gaining access to the home screen.

"Our vast content portfolio has long-been synonymous with education and learning, helping to broaden the world-view and knowledge base of children and adults around the world," said John Russell, Business Development Director, Encyclopedia Britannica. "We are thrilled to provide our content for the unique TOPs platform to help foster among young people a sense of curiosity, adventure and quest for knowledge."

By MediaBUZZ