keymile2MediaBUZZ had a conversation with Dieter Klein, the Executive Director of KEYMILE GmbH Germany and in charge of the APAC region, last week during the CommunicAsia 2016 Show in Singapore.

KEYMILE is a leading supplier of telecommunications solutions that develops and produces secure, deterministic data transmission, most frequently found in mission-critical areas of telecommunications networks used by rail operators, energy suppliers, oil and gas companies and authorities.

In terms of network security, KEYMILE uses high-tech security and encryption concepts to protect data transmission. The simultaneous availability of IP/Ethernet and TDM technology also guarantees customers a smooth transition to packet-based data transmission architectures.

Aside from that, the portfolio of KEYMILE includes innovative, high-quality broadband network products that allow public network operators to provide optimum bandwidth to their subscribers. They also use these products to implement open-source broadband architectures that generate added value.

Latest product launches

At CommunicAsia, KEYMILE has launched its brand-new security card SECU1 for its XMC20 platform, designed and built from the ground up for the demands of mission-critical communications. This new card helps operators of mission-critical infrastructures to protect their communications networks against cyberattacks both now and in the future.

“Cyberattacks, data theft, manipulation attempts and business espionage are increasing rapidly in Asia. Without encryption systems, these networks would be easy prey for hackers. Operators of mission-critical communications need to ensure that their networks include adequate protection against such attacks”, Mr. Klein emphasized.

The latest in encryption technology: Quantum encryption

“In order to succeed in the competitive market, a company needs to be highly innovative. KEYMILE has always been at the forefront of technological evolution. Take our new security card, for instance. It is the first solution on the market that is not only exceptionally secure but also rugged and robust, making it ideally suited to the mission-critical market”, he explained.

Indeed, KEYMILE’s solution is genuinely unique in providing highly secure end-to-end encryption in mission-critical networks, while also maintaining the very high level of data availability that such infrastructures require – an issue that is not easy to tackle but mandatory for deployment in this environment.

The encryption technology used plays a pivotal role. The encryption keys are generated by a quantum random number generator (QRNG), which harnesses the intrinsically random quantum states of photons, ensuring that the keys are truly random and unique. The QNRGs are provided by the Swiss company ID Quantique, a world leader in quantum cryptography. This technology makes networks very secure against attacks and network operators will be able to sleep easily in their beds.

Future prospects for APAC

The APAC economy will continue to grow strongly during the next few years, KEYMILE is convinced, requiring adequate infrastructures for energy supply and public transport in the individual countries, in addition to many other industry segments. The communications networks for these critical infrastructures will expand at the same speed and with new applications and this development will boost Internet technologies and packet-based services, which will enter more market segments and enjoy more widespread use.

“The Internet of Things will become a reality. Its benefits, such as the use of new and innovative applications, simpler manageability and cost-efficiency, will also convince traditional industries and governments to implement IP and new software products”, Mr Klein said. “This means that more measures need to be taken to allow a smooth transition from conventional data communication technologies (such as PDH/SDH etc.) towards the latest Gigabit Ethernet and optical network architectures. Being a full hybrid access and transport platform, KEYMILE’s XMC20 supports the co-existence of native TDM and packet-based data transmission in one single network element.”

Expansion in Southeast Asia

KEYMILE’s strategy is to expand in the region with the help of leading system integrators and value-added resellers, with whom they will offer a broad portfolio of solutions and services to their main customer groups – the broadband network operators on the one hand and the utility companies, railways and national authorities such as air traffic control, police and other government departments on the other. Together with their partners, KEYMILE will participate in the growth trends in both broadband and mission-critical networks.

“We will be opening our APAC regional office in Singapore very soon, another important milestone. This step will bring us much closer to our valued partners and customers”, Mr Klein stated. “It’s quite obvious that measures to protect data integrity and security will become increasingly important, so that KEYMILE’s portfolio will definitely be in high demand in the region.”

With the latest in encryption technology and a solid portfolio of mission-critical communication systems, it is for sure a good time to expand in APAC.

By Daniela La Marca