operaSOpera and Samsung's R&D Institute of Indonesia have worked together to bring the ultra data saving (UDS) feature to Indonesia. Now, users of Samsung Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 devices will be able to stretch their mobile data plans and get more enjoyment online, including up to twice as much YouTube video streaming.

"We are constantly striving to improve Indonesian consumers’ experience on smartphones. The UDS feature allows users to see where their data is going and gain better control of their mobile data usage without extra effort," says Nitin Bhandari, SVP Products at Opera.

UDS leverages Opera Max’s unique data-optimization technology, which reduces data consumption on images, webpages, videos and audio streams, especially with image-heavy or video apps, such as Instagram, YouTube, Netflix and Flipboard.

Data savings are important to most smartphone users in Indonesia. When asked, 43% of Indonesian Android phone users indicated that they could not use internet as often as they’d like because of their small data plans, according to a survey from Opera. One fifth of them can’t watch video unless Wi-Fi access is available. Indonesian users long for a better smartphone experience, without having to constantly worrying about exceeding their data plans. Now, with Samsung's UDS feature, users can enjoy video and audio streaming through their mobile network with greater peace of mind.

The UDS feature addresses users' concern about excessive data usage by allowing or blocking individual apps from using mobile data, while optimizing data usage across all apps.  Users also get an overview to easily track how much mobile data they have consumed and saved, for a better overall data usage experience. To turn on this feature and enjoy savings, users only have to click the UDS button in quick settings.

"Ultra data saving mode, powered by Opera Max, provides up to 50% savings on data and also frees up to 11% RAM, which is very beneficial for Indonesian mobile internet users," says Denny Galant, Head of Product Marketing IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Indonesia. "Through our strategic partnership with Opera in providing UDS, we are excited and confident that we can give simplicity and exciting experience to Samsung Galaxy users."

By Opera