5apasalarApsalar, a mobile app ROI platform, just announced that it has added iOS Uninstall Attribution to its industry-leading mobile app attribution and data management platform.

The new capability reveals the uninstall rate for app downloads driven by different channels, vendors, campaigns, creative executions, geographies and user cohorts during any time period the marketer chooses, providing it at no additional cost to their customers.

"Apsalar has led in uninstall measurement, first with Android and now with iOS, because marketers need unbiased insights on whether they are attracting enough of the right users and traffic to their iPad and iPhone apps. This launch is a win-win for customers and media partners because iOS Uninstall Attribution can be leveraged to help improve marketing program ROI", Michael Oiknine, Apsalar Cofounder and CEO explained.

The new feature allows app marketers to optimize their media allocation and empowers their partners and platforms to deliver customized communication for better results and monetization at every step in the customer journey.

Uninstall attribution is of tremendous value to marketers as they explore ways to plan and optimize marketing programs for stronger ROI, specifically:

  • Vendor allocations: Clients can leverage uninstall rate comparisons by media provider to collaborate with these partners to improve the quality of users attracted by campaigns.
  • Campaign testing and decisions: By measuring the uninstall rates driven by different campaigns, they can determine the best advertising approaches for driving long-term users.
  • Regional allocations: Brands can use variances in uninstall rates by region to make wiser decisions on where to spend expansion dollars.
  • Cohort comparisons: By comparing the relative uninstall rates of different user segments, they can make smarter decisions about future acquisition and remarketing campaigns.

Besides, the Apsalar Mobile DMP enables brands to measure marketing effectiveness, enhance, manage, enrich, and segment profiles to build audiences, enabling easily and safely connect to other marketing partners.

By MediaBUZZ