5mynewsMynewsdesk just announced that they have designed a network service with better usability for its customers. By extracting more contact data from the web, it is possible to provide a more complete understanding of their contacts and subsequently enabling more social networking.

Mynewsdesk is a smart platform for PR and digital engagement that makes it easy to publish promotional materials in a search engine optimized newsroom, take part in online conversations and identifying the key people who can create engagement around a brand. The platform can also generate reports daily, weekly or monthly to analyze PR work.

With the service's new look, it has now become easier to add and invite new contacts. In three easy steps, users can now create a list and upload their new contacts.

The newly added social media integration really brings media lists to life, enriching contacts’ profiles and making it easy to see who is most important. Usability improvements make it even quicker to reach out to stakeholders and influencers with relevant, targeted content.

A contact's work history is just a click away, so is connecting with them on Twitter.

Besides social media integration, Mynewsdesk attempts to include photo, job title, biography, expertise, materials, and show how influential the contact is. In addition,users can also add their own notes.


Users can also easily invite their contacts to become companions for more mutual communication and better networking, creating opportunities for customers to find and organize customer contacts more efficiently than before. Contacts can be added into one or more lists and can be searched based on any information about them, including their social profiles, interests and job titles. In addition, contacts can be sorted by name, email address and influence.

All communication within the network is exclusive, which means it is not made public until the user choses to do so.


PR consultant Tina Fotherby from Famous Publicity says: "This update to Network adds another layer to my contacts. It's much more personal - a bit like going into a party of influential people! I can instantly connect with my stakeholders in social spaces and manage PR campaigns in a more targeted way."

Being convinced that good relationships are based on reciprocity, Mynewsdesk has strived to improve the PR industry for all parties involved.

"PR services should not be an exception, but generally they still lack the opportunities to market and understand user needs, in this matter." says Kristofer Björkman (founder of the company). He also adds: "Mynewsdesk wants to try to organize the network and the contacts that have always been the foundation of traditional PR industry in a more modern and more efficient manner than has been done. Mynewsdesk aims to give each company the best possible opportunity to find, contact and communicate with the people who have the most and best influence in their corporate market.”