4jiveJive Software, one of the world's leading social business solutions, is flourishing in Asia Pacific and now opening four new offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. Jive’s success proves that more companies recognize how social business platforms can deliver real business value. The company’s cloud-based platform connects employees, customers and partners and is the only proven system, focused on value use cases, to increase productivity within companies by 15% and top-line revenue growth up to 4%. By combining the power of cloud, mobile, big data and proprietary collaboration technologies, Jive provides all that is needed to launch thriving social networks that engage employees, customers, partners and the social web.

Commenting on the company's Asia-Pacific launch, Jive's President of Worldwide Field Operations, Jay Larson said: "Some of the most innovative companies across the world, including several in Australia and Asia, are transforming their businesses with Jive. Our products help customers, partners and employees access the information, expertise, and best practices they need to get work done in a better way. And don't just take our word for it. Third-party research proves customers using Jive spend less time on email, in meetings and searching for information - ultimately increasing productivity by up to 15%. We're excited about bringing the goodness of Jive to Australia and Asia."

Indeed, Jive's cloud-based platform helps lines of businesses be more productive, communicate and collaborate better, while also adapting to existing business system processes. For example a sales organization implementing Jive can increase sales per rep by 13%, raise win rates by 12% and shorten sales cycles by 22%.

Jive has already worked with several Asia-Pacific and global clients to help transform their business processes. Melissa Hendry, Internal Communications of REA Group, said: "We've been using Jive as a social intranet since 2009. This is now a crucial business tool that enables communication, collaboration and knowledge management among employees. And particularly pleasingly, it has helped create a company culture that appreciates diversity of view, individuality, fun and transparency."

Jive opens vast new opportunities to drive breakthrough results through internal collaboration, customer care, marketing and sales – all in ready-to-deploy solutions matched to business goals.

By MediaBUZZ