3reachingMolden Media, a multi-disciplinary broadcast agency, with a speciality of visualizing big data on large interactive displays is aware of the fact that people love to talk about TV and they are doing so via social networks. Actually, the amount of social media interactions towards TV content has been increasing rapidly, so that social interactions can be used as a powerful way for broadcasters to build loyal audiences and get real-time input from viewers.

The company’s application M2Social, for instance, allows you to easily capture social comments, moderate those comments and publish them to air.

Fact is that for today's broadcasters, social media has become an ever-increasing presence, particularly on talk shows. But the ways in which different organizations employ this real-time communication are often dramatically different. Since Molden Media has long been specializing in the integration of real-time media, it can bring complex messages and visuals to air in challenging environments, including sporting events and elections. The full-service media provider is going beyond the technical side to integrate social media into clients' production and information technology infrastructures.

Even simple integration of Twitter and Facebook feeds require a powerful set of tools to manage content and process. Molden Media's WorkBox delivers a powerful back-end management system to pre-select the best feeds, integrate social media links and RSS feeds, or coordinate the right template for each feed.


Interactivity is one of the key aspects of social media integration, and still one of the most challenging to manage in today's linear production workflow. Molden Media's WorkBox brings interactivity into live TV broadcast, empowering on-camera moderators to monitor multiple social media feeds on a handheld tablet, bringing relevant comments on air and controlling the studio conversation live. Information technology and production departments are seamlessly integrated into the process.

The next level of social media integration meets the next level of visualization, real-time statistical sample groups, based on real-time communications between broadcaster and community. Besides, data has to deliver accurate information to create the most targeted, relevant conversations around sports, elections, and other real-time events. Molden Media's visualization module delivers this data on touch screen for immediate, profound analysis of any event.

Dedicated apps allow viewers to actively participate in real-time surveys, enabling those in the studio to get immediate feedback during a program or discussion.

This is definitely the new world of broadcast media: It's real-time, it's multi-platform, and it's interactive.

By Hiba Assi