China is a giant in digital marketing with 440 million users online, of which 330 million are on mobile technology. t+d marketing consultants (Beijing) Co. Ltd., an internationally active business consultancy, offers management and digital marketing consultancy with a China-specific, 360 degree approach to digital marketing to support their customers in achieving their marketing goals in this market.

Social media has altered the demands on company and brand communication forever. Transparency and openness dominate. Besides, customers meet companies at eye level and take an active part in shaping products, brands and communication.

In order to successfully make use of social media channels, companies need new ways of thinking, new approaches and new communication strategies. The rapid development of the use of digital and social media content has a key driver: mobile technology.

It is imperative to both think of and implement social media and mobile as a unit, the consultancy firm urges and provides addition advice:

Social Media Strategy

“Don’t use social media if you don’t know what you want to achieve.” As banal as it sounds – anyone who invests in social media without a clearly defined goal will find it difficult to succeed. Only if the goals to be accomplished are clear, it becomes possible to determine which measures should be taken, through which channels, and which technologies will be relevant in the short and long term. t+d helps translating company goals into concrete social media objectives and developing a custom-made social media road map for each of their customers.

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook applications to multi-channel campaigns – social media measures make marketing efforts more effective and efficient. t+d enables ‘networked’ thinking from the start: How do different social media channels work together? How can offline measures be used to boost the success of social media activities, and vice versa? t+d aims at helping to ensure that corporate communication is found everywhere and that the company “speaks with one voice”.

Mobile Applications

Reaching customers with irresistible mobile applications will be even more important in the future. t+d marketing consultants conceive and develop mobile applications that offer customers genuine added value and fit the overall application portfolio perfectly.

Social Media Monitoring

People speak about brands and products online. Listening to know what concerns people, what they say about your brand and about competitors should therefore be at the core of social media engagement. Together with their technology partner B.I.G. t+d collects and analyzes the discussions surrounding each brand.

Digital Performance Tracking

The success of digital campaigns is measurable! With t+d‘s ‘benchmark analysis your digital campaigns become comparable and success can be assessed.

Innovative Business Models

t+d develops sound and innovative business models for their customers and partners - tailored to their business plans. To provide a foundation for these business models and plans, t+d also provides detailed market research and feasibility estimations.

(Source: http://www.td-berlin.com/en)

Always keep in mind that a strategy is only as good as its implementation

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