3goldbachIntegrating social into the overall digital marketing strategy has become quite normal by now. But if you can‘t monitor and assess what‘s happening around your brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where‘s the point?

By now there are more than 200 social media monitoring tools on the market, making choosing the right one rather tedious. Goldbach Interactive publishes an annual Social Media Monitoring Tool Report to help companies make the best decision.

The 2012 report depicted the most important information in an infografic, comparing the Top 15 in an easy to understand table.

Goldbach found 18 out of more than 200 tools especially convincing, of which 15 could be compared with each other quite well. The other three tools offered a full service approach which can‘t be compared adequately with the others, as the solutions are tailored individually to fit customers‘ needs - presented separately in the infographic.