TimeoftheEssenceThe mobile data and analytics company App Annie launched earlier this year App Annie Pulse app that has been designed to put data-driven insights in the hands of busy executives, whose time is of the essence.

To keep pace with the ever-changing app economy, it’s always important to access critical information about trends, markets, and the competition in real time. With over USD 143 billion spent on mobile and 218 billion new app downloads in 2020, unlocking mobile insights and capitalizing quickly on opportunities is more important than ever.

App Annie Pulse, available on the Apple App Store, provides one touch access to mobile market data and is the industry’s only answer to benchmark competition, track market movers, and identify insights that are powered by the industry’s best estimates and data science.

App Annie Plus is the first mobile app to fully leverage AI-driven features:

  • App Annie Performance Score: a composite metric, based on sentiment, acquisition, monetization, and engagement metrics, that allows businesses to quantify and benchmark their performance. The score can be tailored to your favorite metrics.

  • App Annie Insights: automatically monitors shifts in data and identifies potential causality

“We are unmatched in our data science capabilities – the only market data provider that derives all estimates and insights from a pure AI model,” said Ted Krantz, CEO, App Annie. “App Annie Pulse marks the introduction of the industry’s first Mobile Performance Score and ability to track your own custom metrics.”

App Annie’s best-in-class intelligence for mobile, recent breakthroughs in AI technology, privacy-forward approach, and a bold product vision are primed to meet the new needs of a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Just last year, App Annie launched App Annie Ascend, an advertising analytics solution, making it the first company in its space to offer a side-by-side view of market data and companies’ own data to support mission-critical business decisions. Together, these solutions comprise the industry's most complete mobile performance platform.

By MediaBUZZ