eTrackerDataProtectionThe German tracking specialist for web analysis, etracker GmbH, is now making its data protection-compliant web analytics solution available free of charge.

The new offer is aimed at smaller websites and provides the full scope of etracker Analytics Pro, including marketing and customer journey analysis as well as automatic uploads of conversions to Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram.

etracker allows consent-free, cookie-free tracking to automatically record and evaluate the most important user actions on the website and online campaigns. The tracking technology has been independently tested and has been recognized for its GDPR compliance, not to mention that etracker hosts exclusively on European servers. The software solution thus offers a legally unproblematic alternative to the criticized US tools and saves marketers considerable fines and inconvenient warnings from supervisory authorities.

Tracking without cookies and consent

etracker Analytics Pro, which is now free of charge for small websites, enables tracking that is absolutely data protection compliant, because there is no need to set and read out elements on the user's device. This means, marketers are on the safe side in terms of data protection law and can still generate relevant data: Where do website visitors come from? How do they move and interact on the website? And which marketing campaigns are particularly successful? In this way users can be better understood, and marketing measures optimally aligned.

Safe solution for uncertain times

"These are difficult times for marketers," explains Olaf Brandt, managing director of etracker GmbH. Not only does Corona shape the everyday business life of many companies, the latest developments in data protection law also pose immense challenges for their marketing departments. “For this reason, we are now making the scope of services of etracker Analytics Pro available in a free version,” Brandt continues. "This means that marketers now have a secure and data protection-compliant alternative to legally questionable US tools such as Google Analytics."

Simply switch and continue tracking in compliance with data protection regulations

Whether it’s Google Analytics or another tool, switching to etracker is very easy, as marketers simply exchange the tracking code. The etracker code automatically picks up all campaigns created in Google Analytics, for example, without having to be created again. They continue to run normally but on a data protection-compliant basis and within the EU. The automatic upload of conversion data to Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram makes it possible to control and analyze campaigns as usual in the respective advertising system. The free etracker version can also be used smoothly in Shopify and other shop and web construction kits.

By MediaBUZZ