SignalizePushSignalize, powered by etracker, is one of the first providers worldwide to deliver a solution for push notifications across all channels: website, app, and wallet push.

With Signalize, website operators can send short messages within a few minutes – completely free of charge and with no volume restrictions. Signalize Premium also offers extensive automation options, plug-and-play segmentation, and multi-language support for the diverse requirements of marketing and communication professionals.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is essentially based on etracker’s technology that has been independently tested and awarded for its GDPR conformity, since it works cookie-free by default and does not require consent, so that all visits and conversions can be recorded in a legally compliant manner.

Signalize can display the increasingly popular short messages not only on desktops, mobile devices and in the iOS Wallet Push, but now also in apps – all from one system and with a uniform user interface. Hence, companies that operate a website and app(s) can now control their push notifications centrally and send them via all or selected channels. So, it is possible to orchestrate the customer dialogue simply and homogeneously via push communication.

So far, companies have addressed website visitors via a web push, and app users via an app push system, while the iOS wallet has mostly been left out. With Signalize, on the other hand, companies can now display their messages centrally to all desired users via a uniform interface.

Push notifications then not only appear in all known browsers on desktops and mobile devices – even when the display is in lock mode – but also reach the iOS wallet, and can be sent via one or more of their own apps. If there is a current marketing campaign, the appropriate short message can be created in Signalize and sent via all channels to all relevant users. So, companies that strive for multi-channel communication with push notifications can use Signalize to harmonize and centrally control what was once manual processes.

The central orchestration in Signalize also offers to change the option at any time, according to: “Which messages should go out via Web Push or only via App Push? Which should be played out via all push channels?”

With Signalize, companies start without a lot of programming, as the SaaS solution can easily be integrated. The uncomplicated connection of other backend systems, such as online shop or merchandise management systems, also allows any granular segmentation of recipient groups as well as the automation of processes using defined triggers from the connected systems.

Signalize has also integrated tracking that complies with data protection regulations. Any customer interaction can be used immediately as a trigger for sending messages – without the technical effort required for tag integration. Even app tracking is possible, so that push messages can be played out individually in the app depending on user behavior.

And if all the advantages Signalize has to offer are not yet convincing, A / B testing will soon be available for even better push notifications. Short messages are automatically sent to 10% of the recipients in two different versions for testing before Signalize then automatically distributes the best version to the remaining 90%. In this way, companies optimize their messages via the web, app, and wallet push to communicate in an even more target-group-oriented manner.

By Daniela La Marca