TierOne Tier One Entertainment, Southeast Asia's leading Esports and Gaming Entertainment Company, announced a collaboration with Admazing Co., the world's leading in-game advertising channel that has a reach of 2.6 billion unique users around the globe.

Tier One Entertainment is seeded by one of the biggest esports venture capital groups in the world, with an accumulative reach of 100.9 million on Facebook, 23.5 million on YouTube, 11.8 million on Instagram, & 9.1 million on TikTok. The collaboration includes exclusive privilege for Tier One Entertainment to offer the Admazing Co. in-game ads platform to its local brand-partners in the Philippines. Tier One Entertainment also earned the right to cater Admazing Co. within Southeast Asia.

According to the global technology research and advisory company Technavio, the in-game advertising market is expected to grow by USD 11 billion in 2024. This growth is driven by the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, the growing adoption of smartphones, and the increasing availability of high-speed internet. Hence, adding in-game advertising to its core advertising services is essential for Tier One Entertainment to strengthen its gaming ecosystem as well as push further its dominance in the mobile gaming industry with its esports team, Blacklist International.

"This partnership with Admazing Co. enables Tier One Entertainment to close the loop in terms of serving the advertising needs of brands. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the solutions to efficiently penetrate the hard-to-reach Millennials and Gen Z audiences. Admazing Co. is a superior platform because it is the only one that has direct connection to game developers; hence, providing premium inventory. We are fortunate and glad to have a truly top tier partner like Admazing Co.," Joanne Llavore, Chief Commercial Officer, Tier One Entertainment said.

Indeed, the world's highest-performing mobile games curator, Admazing Co., has the highest games inventory penetrating Gen Z and millennial audiences in the region which Tier One Entertainment is aiming to cover for its brand-partners. According to Admazing Co., partnership with Tier One Entertainment in Southeast Asia is a major path they are thrilled to take.

"We recognized Tier One's expertise in the gaming industry and I am especially proud of this collaboration because it highlights how we are working together to change the advertising era through mobile game advertising and help build the next generation audience experience in a brand-safe environment. This partnership also represents a major milestone in the growth of Mobile Gaming as an effective territory in the region," Edward Castillo, Managing Director, Admazing Co. said.

Without doubts, in-game advertising allows marketers to interact with their consumers in a highly intuitive way by delivering high-impact creatives to a very engaged audience.

By MediaBUZZ