fliplife-500x344Fliplife could be described as a 2.0 version of the classic parlour game. You meet up with friends, mastering tasks sometimes against each other, sometimes as a team. The individual players compete with each other playfully, chat, and make friends. This all takes place in a domestic environment - a (digital) home. You can create a whole new life just by playing that browser game. You can choose what career path you want to pursue, play sports in your free time or even own a mansion. Make friends as you play with hundreds of others and maybe even become the most famous person in the world.

There are several careers to choose from when starting a character in Fliplife. Depending on what career choice you make, you will progress differently through the world and have different jobs. For completing jobs, also known as projects, in Fliplife, you will gain experience and money. The experience will help you go to the next level and by leveling you will be able to do newer, more difficult projects. Money will open up new things for you to buy such as clothes, shoes or even a house.

Fliplife also features the option to create a relationship. By interacting with other people, you can change their status depending on how much you do with them.

If you were to compare Fliplife with existing games, then it would be most likely a combination of "The Sims" and "Farmville." The players “flip” from real life to the virtual world and are dedicated to their online career. Just as in the real world, Fliplife is based on a sophisticated infrastructure. Only those who work regularly and climb the career ladder can afford housing (depending on income a tent or a villa), the latest fashion trends, or partying. In addition to the virtual enterprise in the game, Fliplife is a wonderful world for the representation of businesses, their processes, and thus also a recruiting tool for the real life.

The social game can help companies with their image or with their efforts to exploit valuable information. It could help finding solutions to their urging questions, such as:

  • How to reach future talent?
  • How to ensure an authentic corporate identity?
  • What is the next social media issue?
  • What catches on with young people?

The tasks that have to be completed within the selected profession categories reflect the main business areas of real companies, providing an ideal starting point for recruiting processes and public relations. And the user can learn casually and hands-on in what a company is investing in, what are its core values, business ethics etc., giving background information on the company and project.

Fliplife" is therefore not an attempt to simply replicate the real world in the virtual world. Rather, the idea is to create a canvas to showcase the brands and companies to a young online-affine audience and interacting with them in a playful and easy way. That’s gamification at its best!

By Daniela La Marca