4_crowdtwistCrowdTwist, headquartered in New York City, provides a cloud based multi-channel customer relationship and loyalty platform, designed to enable companies incentivizing, recognizing, and rewarding customers for any action they take. The platform was originally conceived as a way for music artists to better connect with their fans and consists of a white label, software-as-a-service system that integrates across all of a brand's channels, including point-of-sale, social media websites, mobile apps, games, and brand websites.

Companies can manage their programs on their own through a central hub that is accessible via a web portal.

Driving engagement

People who opt into a loyalty program powered by the CrowdTwist platform immediately earn points for all the ways they interact with your brand. This includes everything from consuming, creating and sharing content, connecting with Facebook, Twitter and foursquare, following, liking, purchases, browsing e-commerce pages, visiting your physical stores, social postings etc., that increases overall brand engagement, social postings, social awareness, repeat engagement and, of course, more sales, too.

Beating the competition with more than "gamification"

To keep your loyalty program interesting, competitive and sticky, CrowdTwist incorporated several “game-like” components into their platform, including member rank, member levels and leaderboards. While these elements drive increased engagement, “gamification” and badges alone do not build long-term loyalty. It's the ability to earn points and redeem them for real-world rewards that ultimately drives deeper relationships, enduring brand loyalty and ongoing engagement. The idea of giving more in order to get more never seems to lose its appeal.

Source of real customer knowledge

Since rewards-based programs are opt-in, and because CrowdTwist is seamlessly integrated across all brand channels, social networks and point-of-sale systems, everything ties together in a new way. The online and offline data captured across an individual's brand engagement, social influence and spend is combined with vast information from their social graph. This depth and level of data provides marketers with the most complete understanding of individual customers as well as the patterns and profile characteristics that lead to the most successful and profitable relationships.

True multi-channel marketing

CrowdTwist integrates across all online and offline brand properties, social networks, mobile apps and points-of-sale. This true multi-channel integration allows you to consolidate your understanding of every individual and helps to spot who and what channels are driving the greatest impact on your brand. So now, rather than being limited to channel-specific data, you can begin identifying what triggers specific brand actions, what motivates purchases and who's most critical to your bottom line.

Owning the entire social sphere

When people interact with the CrowdTwist platform, they're incentivized to engage and connect with your brand across all their various social networks. These connections provide you with access to the vast amount of data from within their social graph as well as valuable knowledge and insights to drive your marketing efforts. You gain rich information on how socially engaged and influential an individual is with your brand, what their level of social influence is across their social sphere, what other brands they're connected with and much more. Finally, because you incentivize social behaviors, your most influential and engaged customers become the ones who helps drive social awareness and interest in your loyalty program.

Broadcasting across the social landscape

Drive awareness and support new member acquisition by powering various social postings across what are known as “Achievement Moments”. Members of your loyalty program are given the option of posting messages out to their social nets anytime they increase their rank, redeem points for rewards, or achieve a new level of membership. These instances provide an exciting opportunity for your customers to gain valuable social credibility, while simultaneously delivering earned media impressions for your brand across the social net. The response to these social postings far exceeds what marketers can achieve on their own, because postings from friends are measurably more interesting to people than those posted solely by brands.

The perfection of points

Construct a unique point system, based on the proprietary Points Engine that assesses the value of every single brand action and assigns points to each. Points are assessed based on a number of factors, ranging from client priorities to the value each action represents to the brand and the monetary value of the rewards being offered. Because not all clicks, visits, posts or purchases are created equal, CrowdTwist works with each client to implement a point system that makes sense for them, their industry and their business objectives.

Brand-specific rewards

People who are passionate about connecting with a particular brand also get excited by the opportunity to gain access to great rewards. The CrowdTwist platform gives brands the ability to customize the rewards they offer, ranging from exclusive items and one-of-a-kind experiences to general brand merchandise, deals, discounts and more. There's no limit to the types of rewards you can offer. Experience has shown that the more enticing the rewards, the more people continue exploring the various ways they can engage with your brand and earn points. Many clients find that experiential rewards have significant social and financial benefit, and tend to drive deeper and more frequent engagement than simple deals and discounts.

Sophisticated anti-gaming protection

Nothing is more detrimental to building relationships and brand loyalty than rewarding people who are not your true brand advocates. CrowdTwist‘s proprietary patent-pending anti-gaming algorithm analyzes all user-specific interactions and identifies people who are attempting to game your loyalty program. Gamers are automatically alerted that they're being monitored for suspicious activity and if their activity continues, they're automatically removed from the system. This ensures that the people you reward are the people most authentically interacting with your brand.

The CrowdTwist platform can have a profound impact on your business as it calculates the aggregate value of everyone who engages, socially influences and spends with your brand, besides assessing the impact they have on your brand and your business. This allows you to identify and begin building relationships with the people who are truly your most valuable customers. With tracking of purchase activity across every channel, including digital, mobile, social and in-store, you can measure channel and customer conversion like never before and significantly increase the frequency, duration and longevity of member interactions.

With CrowdTwist’s real-time ROI data you can easily see how well your Relationship & Loyalty platform is performing and how much incremental revenue it's generating. (Source: www.crowdtwist.com)

By MediaBUZZ