4FirstThe web content management provider e-Spirit Inc. recently launched its new FirstSpirit RealtimeTargeting solution, the result of a technology and business development partnership with Woopra. With the integration of Woopra real-time customer analytics into FirstSpirit CMS, websites gain the ability to learn intelligently about customers’ interests and present automatically the most relevant content on a visitor by visitor basis.

In contrast to most web analytics tools that focus on page views, Woopra’s cloud-based platform takes a customer-centric, real-time approach, to give a true understanding of customer behavior. Online marketers can then use these insights to make changes and improve website performance over time.

Under the partnership agreement, e-Spirit markets the integrated solution with Woopra’s ongoing support, and Woopra offers a leading customer analytics solution used on more than 200,000 websites for real-time customer data gathering, tracking and analysis.

Continuous monitoring and improvement of all personalization options

Today’s consumers want personalized content that is tailored to their own interests, otherwise they click away rapidly. In general, the majority of marketers is convinced that individual communication and behavioral marketing are becoming increasingly important in the future and want to make use of new methods and technology.

The FirstSpirit Modul RealtimeTargeting is the ideal way to personalize digital content quickly and easily: website visitors get the content they want, at the right time, on the desired device and with the essential information they need. And companies and providers optimize individual customer communication in all digital channels.

Besides the creation and categorization of high-quality and appropriate content, FIRSTspirit supports users to keep track at all times. Content, languages, media and navigation areas can be chosen country-, target group-, and roles specific, together with personalized information, and get published in the desired channels. With the Persona Simulator in the multi-perspective preview, users can always check and improve all personalization options directly in their working environment in FIRSTspirit Content Creator. The content integration platform meets the highest demands for usability, performance and investment security.

But that's not all: The best-of-breed approach simplifies the individual expansion of digital marketing activities, as tools can be integrated for web analytics, email marketing, A/B testing or comprehensive marketing automation, as required. FirstSpirit serves as a central work surface that helps users to control, analyze and improve the entire customer communication. Marketing experts, content managers and editors can create custom content types in a user-friendly way and maintain it efficiently for different target groups and channels, besides publishing it with one click.

Configuring sales-promoting functions independently

Another advantage is the completion of user profiles, building on each other, by intelligent, so-called SmartForms. Using behavior-based tracking allows FIRSTspirit RealtimeTargeting users to learn more about unknown visitors with each click and provide them with tailored information. This is achieved by using content elements, such as product brochures, landing pages, downloads or offers, and assign specific values. Depending on the activity of the visitor, information gained this way can be put together in a meaningful user profile. Profile Merging prevents duplicates when multiple devices are used by a user, and CRM systems, web analytics tools or own segmentation services, can be integrated optionally. For more information go to: http://www.e-spirit.com/realtimetargeting

By Daniela La Marca