ContentMarketingEffective content marketing is imperative to demand generation because it helps create product demand, as Marketo highlights in one of their many useful articles. The expert points out further what we all already heard many times, namely that it all again comes down to relevance, which is the key to creating content for demand generation that impacts lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring.

“Relevance does not only mean writing one paper that is useful to someone about how to buy your product or service. Not all prospects are ready for this content or trust your company’s information. Instead, you must create multiple pieces of content relevant to buyer roles and buyer stages, enticing a lead to engage with your content multiple times during the buying cycle”, Marketo explains.

To make a long story short, please take a look at the six rules of content marketing, which Marketo recommends to follow for successful lead generation, stating:

  1. It is not promotional – promotional materials will neither excite nor inspire, both critical components of content marketing.
  2. It is relevant – generic materials that are not highly relevant to a reader will not result in increased success. When writing content you must make sure it will be useful to the reader, regardless of whether it supports your company message.
  3. It closes a gap – content marketing should answer a business question or problem. Giving people information about topics where there is no need for information will be a wasted effort by the organization.
  4. It is well written – poorly written thought leadership may not only provide poor results, but may also hurt the company’s reputation. Take time to ensure content is presented in a thoughtful manner and is free of errors.
  5. It is relevant to your company – if the content you create does not support business objectives in any way, it is a waste of resources to produce. Keep business goals in mind when creating content.
  6. It gives proof – since you write to support a business goal, your content may seem biased. Make sure that content you create gives proof either through quotes and testimonials or through actual metrics and statistics.

While following the steps above will allow you to create good content, be aware that good content is not enough. Instead, you must share this content so that it is consumed and information about prospects is gathered, Marketo concludes.

By MediaBUZZ