2Typo3Typo3 is a very powerful content management system (CMS) with huge possibilities. The script is developed as ‘Open Source’ and is chosen mostly by more advanced programmers, who are looking for a comprehensive application with many functionalities and are willing to invest much time in studying it.

In fact, TYPO3 is an enterprise-class CMS platform based on PHP, designed specifically with the needs of both enterprise and corporate clients in mind, virtually fitting any website type: home pages, newspapers, blogs, e-commerce, educational, etc.  Launched in 1998, Typo3 is by now used worldwide in thousands of installations as a CMS, serving as a data center on the web that stores all kind of content and provides access to it.

Well, let me sing my hymn of praise on Typo3, along with the many enthusiastic users that appreciate its benefits:

  • Neither software nor ongoing license costs incur for Typo3, since it is an open source system, making the programming code freely accessible. So there are in general only costs for the expenses of individualization and customization of the system for the user.
  • The software is constantly updated and there are many expansion modules that are available as open source as well.
  • Typo3 allows applying different users to edit the website and besides that staff can maintain the website content without any programming knowledge.
  • The authorization levels for the user can be set very specifically and individually, so that even the security policies of large corporations can be met.
  • Typo3 can be perfectly applied with responsive web design. The customer saves resources and can be sure that the website is presented optimally on all devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

The naming is actually worth mentioning as it is quite amusing: The programmer Kasper Såkrhǿj typed something wrong during the development phase and that way lost the programming work of a whole week. Fortunately he, found the “Typo” and could regain the lost source code within a very short time with the result that the software then worked even better than before. Kasper decided to honor that magic moment by naming it "Typo" and because the version 3 had the greatest success, the number was added to the name - Typo3 was born!

Modularity and expandability are Typo3’s most significant traits that are appreciated by masters in programming. However, over the next few weeks, I will present content management systems (CMS) for laypersons as well, such as WordPress, Joomla & Co.

By Daniela La Marca