konicaKonica Minolta Business Solutions Asia just launched its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution, a dynamic system to help offices manage content across the enterprise to maximize how data can be used, in the markets of Singapore and Malaysia.

Well-aware of the fact that content continues to grow, Konica Minolta is ready to help enterprises in their efforts to process data securely and make use of it effectively. The company's ECM Solution addresses the rising concern of security and compliance while optimizing the process flow, making it productive and secure from the entire document lifecycle. In line with its core message “Giving Shape to Ideas,” Konica Minolta endeavors to respond to its customers’ needs across the world with relentless creativity, innovation and advanced technology.

With the launch of the ECM Solution, Konica Minolta enables businesses to minimize risks, providing customers with a total visibility of the process, documents and information while reducing total cost. In addition, the ECM Solution also helps to capture, manage, process, distribute and centralize important business content in a secure location without compromising compliance. It can help boost productivity while encouraging collaboration among users and allow for easy sharing of information, as users can work on the same document at the same time, eliminating non value-added tasks and saving time.

"Konica Minolta recognizes the needs that occur with the changes in how people work and today’s mobility. With Konica Minolta ECM Solution, users have the ability to manage the workflow across departments and externally, and make faster decisions with optimized processes, resulting in improved productivity," said Mr. Jonathan Yeo, General Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia.

Konica Minolta leverages the power of technology with its bizhub Extended Solution Technology (bEST), where it is an open interface technology incorporated into Konica Minolta devices to serve as a shared platform for enhancing the work environment. With this, third party applications can be integrated into Konica Minolta devices and users can move information faster with integrated control via the touchscreen of the bizhub Multi-Function Printers.

With the Konica Minolta ECM solution, users just need to scan and let the system do the work of auto capturing, indexing, filing and initiating workflows for processing or approvals. To manage the dispersed information, the newly launched ECM solution captures the information right at the source, regardless of the format, and organizes them in a unified system. In addition, by automating repeatable steps in the processes, it can reduce errors and ensure consistency and accuracy. Reports can be generated, providing users with full visibility to take control of the processes. And besides that, organizations are also able to define records retention policies while adhering to regulatory and legal compliance.

With ECM Solutions, organizations enjoy multiple benefits of reduction in operating costs, minimization of risks and improvement of customer service as time and effort are saved in locating documents. The new product, supported by Konica Minolta's top-notch customer service, is simply the perfect solution for organizations which would like to address the concerns of modern enterprises at the same time.

By MediaBUZZ