vjoonK4vjoon GmbH, a leading global provider of software solutions for digital content management, is worth to take a look at in the context of content marketing.

The Hamburg-based company just released an optimized version of its vjoon K4 cross-media publishing platform - version 6.8 – which is improved in user experience and has additional features that speed up the production process.

The benefits of vjoon K4 in general are obvious: it can process and manage multimedia content for every channel - including print, tablet, online or mobile - and based on the time and cost-saving Unified Publishing Process, vjoon K4 provides the right tools to publish anywhere smoothly and efficiently, whether magazines, newspapers, corporate publishing, annual reports, product information or books.

In a nutshell, vjoon’s flagship product can:

Manage any content and serve all media: vjoon K4 is a great cross-media publishing platform for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently, as it is process-driven and highly automated. It structures workflows and makes planning and implementing sophisticated publications convenient by featuring multimedia content for delivery to diverse digital devices and in printed format.

Offer true multi-channel clients: vjoon K4 enables every user to work with familiar tools, such as Adobe Creative Cloud's entire toolbox as well as Microsoft Office products, making it easy to create a multi-channel story for various devices automatically, in a single intuitive and transparent editorial workflow.

Handle media asset management: vjoon K4 allows direct access to all data of relevance by exploiting smart search algorithms. It compiles and captures all information, images and URLs needed for an upcoming story, even generating initial layouts and articles or rough drafts, besides customizing and automating image workflows and processing.

Make use of built-in automations that allow to streamline complex processes when it comes to digital productions. With vjoon K4 just one single layout is needed to produce automatically all variants for diverse digital devices. With built-in scripts, layouts can be resized for smartphones or tablets on the touch of a button and get published immediately.

Optimize digital and print workflows: vjoon K4 shortens the time-to-market cycles so that content reaches more people faster with the latest news and stories. That way, new ideas can be realized, layouts modified, appealing tablet or mobile editions created and published quickly in a single, professional editing workflow. Besides all that, the sophisticated task-based workflow model easily allows to add or expand publishing channels, as subordinated workflows are synchronized and automated whenever possible. In general, the production management is extremely flexible.

What’s new in version 6.8?

The technology, interface and functions of K4 Overview and K4 Web Portal (including the K4 Web Editor plug-in) were revamped with a user-centric focus. The most frequently used functions, based on user feedback and usability tests, have been reorganized to make handling even more convenient and intuitive, thereby accelerating publishing processes.

A main objective of version 6.8 is to appreciably improve the user experience, as underscored by its new workspace management capability. Screen elements, searches and color assignments, tailored to suit the user’s personal needs, are now stored for later recall. When the software is launched again, e.g. on another computer, these personalized settings are immediately loaded and the GUI appears with the accustomed layout. The head of production, each contributor, the project manager and even entire groups can not only work in K4 clients for Adobe InDesign and InCopy at any location with panels and tools configured to suit their needs, they can now also access their familiar user interfaces, tailored to suit their needs, in K4 web clients.

The new workspace management function also offers adjustable settings for sizing the layout thumbnails in K4 Overview. They are freely scalable with the new version 6.8, so each user can determine a preset size for viewing layout thumbnails. What’s more, PDF versions of entire editions, and not just individual pages and layouts, may be generated at the touch of a button, either in low quality for quick review or as a full-fledged printable PDF.

The avid global reseller of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite provides with its product vjoon K4 one of the most innovative crossmedia publishing platforms. Actively in business since 1990, vjoon GmbH ranks among the most experienced developers of workflow solutions based on Adobe Creative Cloud and Unified Publishing Process, today, delivering a premium system integration with its global network of more than 30 qualified partners.

By Daniela La Marca