appnexusAppNexus announced the launch of the AppNexus Video SSP, which complements the company’s existing video buying offering to form an integrated platform for publishers and advertisers. The announcement of the SSP fulfills a market need in light of the recent decline in open, exchange-driven video supply and comes on the heels of AppNexus’ recent launches of its outstream video market and anti-latency technology.

The technology company provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising with its open, unified, and powerful programmatic platform that empowers customers to more effectively buy and sell media and allows them to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses.

“As Google brings YouTube inventory behind its walled garden and LiveRail sunsets its video ad server, advertisers and publishers need a scaled, independent technology leader in video,” said Eric Hoffert, SVP of Video Technology, AppNexus. “AppNexus is building the industry’s most powerful open video platform to offer superior reach, audience building, and pricing across a wide variety of video supply pools.”

The AppNexus Video SSP is designed to be flexible across video formats, scalable to connect the world’s largest programmatic video buyers and sellers, and efficient for easy adoption and latency reduction. Formats supported include instream (pre-, mid-, and post-roll) and outstream video for desktop and mobile web. Mobile apps can be monetized on iOS and Android via an open source SDK with VAST interstitial video.

Programmatic transaction models include video RTB, mediation, managed campaigns, and deals. Creative video hosting provides transcoding into multiple renditions for bandwidth adapted delivery with VAST tracking across a diversity of formats and devices. The SSP uses the ptv tag for instream and the AppNexus Seller Tag which enables integrated monetization of display, native, mobile, and outstream video ads.

“With AppNexus, we were able to quickly ramp up the video monetization of our premium instream inventory and grow our audience,” said Jochen Witte, COO, Stailamedia. “We specialize in multi-screen video reach, and so the control and efficiency provided by programmatic instream, creative video hosting, and anti-latency solutions are important to us in a technology partner.”

To bring video demand to publishers, AppNexus has activated more than 125 video buyers—including large global advertising agencies, ad tech buyers, publisher trade desks, and programmable marketers—since the buying product went into general availability in Q4 2015. More than half of these clients are daily active video buyers, with buying activity in more than 50 countries.

The AppNexus Video SSP comprises the foundation of the full-stack Video Publisher Suite that AppNexus intends to release in the coming year. As the video complement to the AppNexus Publisher Suite for display, the full suite will provide publishers a holistic video solution. Just as AppNexus has aggressively positioned its Publisher Suite as the open alternative to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) by Google, the AppNexus Video Publisher Suite will offer publishers a powerful and open alternative to closed video platforms.

“With one unified video platform, AppNexus is able to streamline and simplify the process by which video inventory is bought and sold,” continued Hoffert. “We’re bursting the video cost bubble by helping buyers achieve greater audience reach at a fraction of the cost while maximizing yield for publishers. At the same time, we’re breaking the video speed barrier by cutting latency by up to a factor of 1000x. Our solution allows maximum flexibility to buy video inventory from a diversity of leading video SSPs and directly from publishers of all kinds.”

The AppNexus Video SSP is currently in closed testing with clients in the U.S. and Europe, with general availability targeted for the second quarter.

By MediaBUZZ