adobe analyticsAdobe Analytics, the data and analytics backbone of Adobe Marketing Cloud, has just been recognized by Forrester Research as a Leader in Customer Analytics Solutions.According to the Forrester report, Adobe Analytics “is specifically designed for marketers who lack a technical background but would like to surface actionable insights in their customer data. The report also stated that the solution “is a good fit for brands looking to use customer analytics in real-time to drive digital marketing.”

At the same time, IDC recognized the Adobe Marketing Cloud, as a market leader that “empowers companies to use big data to effectively reach and engage customers and prospects with highly personalized marketing content across devices and digital touch points.”

The impressively forward-thinking company launched just six month ago the industry’s most advanced programmatic ad platform for advertisers that sets new standards by being fully integrated in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Powered by Adobe Media Optimizer, the “self-service” technology allowed advertisers for the first time to take direct control of automated ad buying for search, display and social media across ad exchanges and media networks from partners like Google, Facebook or Yahoo.

But what makes the platform so unique is that it gives maximum transparency on all advertising costs, ad performances and sales, which is a huge support since many advertisers still struggle with the fragmentation of the programmatic ad buying process and the lack of transparency.

Tight integration with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager ensures in addition that advertisers can tap into data to refine and target granular audience segments. Dynamic creative capabilities enable advertisers to make use of images, videos and other assets of the Adobe Creative Cloud to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time.

“Transparency is key to success in the programmatic world, as automation is rapidly defining the buying and selling of digital ads, but advertisers are demanding more real-time insight into campaign spend and ROI, which Adobe is delivering,” Justin Merickel, Senior Director of Advertising Solutions at Adobe explained. “With global programmatic ad spend expected to reach $53 billion by 2018, Adobe is the first company to integrate disparate technologies and deliver programmatic capabilities in a unified platform”, he concluded.

In a world of massive fragmentation and complexity, advertisers and agencies strive indeed for simple solutions to provide an optimal customer experience. Therefore, key features of the new standard setting Adobe platform include:

•  Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): With DCO, advertisers have a powerful tool to seamlessly build, personalize and deliver creative assets in real time to drive higher user engagement and conversion rates across devices, allowing customers to scale and optimize ad creative through Adobe Media Optimizer in a unique way. To drive user engagement, conversions and integrated experiences, advertisers can now use Adobe Media Optimizer to reach granular audience segments with flexible ad creation that is personalized in real-time and based on a consumer’s past behavior. Besides that, advertisers are able to extend targeted content consistently across key marketing channels.

Transparency and control: It’s crucial to deliver real-time, data-driven campaigns that provide advertisers and agencies more control across channels than ever before. Adobe Media Optimizer is a trusted source providing transparency into media costs and ad performance at the domain level. New integration with Integral Ad Science enables smarter ad delivery around viewability, antifraud, and brand safety.

Scale and performance optimizations: Advertisers can drive conversions by reaching high-value audiences across the web at scale through Adobe Media Optimizer’s integration with top ad exchanges and inventory sources, such as Google AdX or Facebook Exchange. The enhanced algorithmic engine allows brands and agencies to manage the real-time bidding process directly across ad exchanges with over one million queries per second and automated spending recommendations.

Easy to use workflows and flexible service options: It is all about speed, accuracy and personalization with campaigns – bridging the online and offline worlds, optimizing spend and inserting dynamic creative in milliseconds. Advertisers need solutions that are inherently integrated so that using one drives even greater value in another. Adobe Media Optimizer’s efficient and seamless campaign management workflows, with self-serve and managed services options, can be customized to meet a brand or agency’s needs.

360-degree view of the customer: Audience data is critical to campaign execution. Adobe Media Optimizer can combine data sources with Adobe Audience Manager to create and segment relevant audiences that can be deployed across Adobe Marketing Cloud. Also, by combining rich online and offline profile data, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign allow marketers to develop a holistic view of the customer.

Adobe Analytics enables customers to create a holistic view of their business by turning customer interactions into actionable insights through advanced analysis capabilities as well as intuitive and interactive dashboards, besides offering reports that users can share in real-time.

Thousands of brands worldwide rely on Adobe’s digital marketing solutions and according to Adobe, its Marketing Cloud supports 41 trillion transactions, 4.1 trillion rich media requests and more than 60 billion emails per year.

By Daniela La Marca